N.J. bear hunt total hits 487 bears killed in first 5 days

By Justin Zaremba  | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
on October 15, 2016 at 8:01 AM, updated October 15, 2016 at 10:35 AM

NEWTON — In first five days of the extended New Jersey bear hunting season, hunters have killed 487 bears, state officials said.

The season continues through Saturday for hunters using bow and arrows and muzzleloaders and has the potential to surpass the 510 total bears killed during the entire 2015 season before the state’s firearms bear hunt in December.

Hunters were permitted to use only bow and arrows during the first three days of the extended hurt. Hunting with muzzleloaders is also permitted from Thursday to Saturday.

 Pedals the walking bear feared dead as hunt continues

Pedals the walking bear feared dead as hunt continues

Social media accounts saying Pedals was brought by a hunter to a check station on Monday prompted a DEP response

Fifty-five bears were killed on Thursday, according to figures released by the state Department of Environmental Protection Saturday morning.

The county-by-county totals through Friday:

  • Sussex County – 249
  • Warren County – 86
  • Morris County – 85
  • Passaic County – 52
  • Hunterdon County – 13
  • Bergen County – 2

Bow and arrows were allowed in the bear hunt this year for the first time since the late 1960s, DEP officials said.

Five bear hunting zones are open to hunting in Bergen, Hunterdon, Mercer, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex and Warren counties. Saturday is the last official day of the archery and muzzleloader season.

More information on the bear hunt is available on the DEP’s bear hunting season website.


11 thoughts on “N.J. bear hunt total hits 487 bears killed in first 5 days

  1. It is a slaughterhouse of hunting (recreational killing) not only in NJ but nationally on bears and other species. Montana usually kills around 1100 black bears annually. In 2010’Montana hunters (recreational killers) killed around 90,000 deer, 19,000 elk, 19,000 pronghorn, plus they killed wolves, goats, thousands of birds, including the threatened sag grouse. In 2015 Montana killed 30,000 elk. It is such a wholesome tradition is it not, wildlife killing?

  2. Really, until you see the actual numbers of wildlife slaughtered by hunters, which doesn’t even count the slaughter by Wildlife Services or poachers, it’s hard to comprehend the depth of the problem.

  3. How terrible. I always imagine how bad this kind of thing must look to someone outside looking in. Shamefully bad. This is not hunting, and has no place in the modern world. 😥

  4. In our primitive beginnings, we hunted for survival and food. Now in modern times, none of that is necessary, and all we are left with is the urge to kill. Disgusting. Thankfully, there are some who don’t think this way. I wish that in our genetic tinkering of life on earth, we would remove the violent genes from ourselves. The world would be a much better place – no more war, racism, etc.

    The beauty of that is we are the only species who can agree to and have the capacity for informed consent, much as an incorrigible sex criminal can choose Depo-Provera so that he will no longer be a menace to society.

  5. Most people do not hunt in the U.S. — Only about 6% do nationally.
    In 2011, 71.8 million people or 30% people over 16 years nationally watched wildlife. People from their 20s on were more interested in watching wildlife. Wildlife watchers spend a lot more in their hobby to increase our economy than hunters do.

  6. My grandfather was from Maine, and he and my father used to hunt yearly, for deer and game birds, which was eaten. We’re talking more than a hundred years ago now I guess, all told, so what passes for hunting today bears no resemblance to the old school. Now it’s just killing and trophies, and as fast as possible bloodlust.

  7. A man proves he’s a man by what he creates not by what he destroys. The people who hunt and shoot these bears are the scum of the Earth and this demonstrates they are on the psychopath ‘spectrum’. They are arseholes – everyone of them.

  8. It’s a heartbreaking reality for these wild beings whose home we are invading with bows and arrows and muzzleloaders .. is this a game?
    Who said we could enter their world because they don’t pay rent or speak a human language This is one of most egregious examples of speciesism … we must work to eradicate this ignorance of the “other ”
    They won’t survive and neither will we in our hearts and minds as we allow this carnage to continue .. speak out to others at every chance yoyou get .. it’s up to humans to abolish the speciesism paradigm .. be the new abolitionists …allow them equal rights and don’t give up the fight

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