On Veganism

Armory of the Revolution


I am vegan.

I advocate being vegan.

But to just be vegan is to just do no harm. Being vegan is comparable to not being a rapist or a child molester.

Being vegan provides us with a moral compass, and the satisfaction that we are not complicit in the horrors of animal agrculture.

Being vegan doesn’t help a single animal. Being vegan doesn’t affect animal slaughter.

People abstaining from meat have no affect upon animal slaughter because it is profitable to kill animals even if they aren’t eaten by people.

Every animal in the food system will die a horrible death. Even if vegans do not buy or consume animal corpses, they will still be put to death. None will be set free..

Factory farms are running at full capacity because we export cruelty and death to the rest of the world. Makes no difference what we do as vegans…

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15 thoughts on “On Veganism

  1. I used to visit this “Armory for the Revolution” site, until I began to read the anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, anti-immigration, white supremacist propaganda, which constantly promoting maniac Donald Trump, who the Alt. Right (Steve Bannon now in Trump’s Campaign), is entrenched with. http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/steve-bannons-vision-for-the-trump-coalition-after-election-day.
    This “Armory” site appears to appeal to the same people who are following Trump, and although Vincent was, at first, promoting Trump, he is now also promoting Jill Stein, who is also being pushed by Alt. Right/Steve Bannon. Info Wars also has interviewed Stein at numerous times. Roland Vincent continues to both support Donald Trump and Jill Stein. Very strange.

  2. This is getting nasty, and is reflective of the rude and crude behavior that characterizes this country. I am of the mind that the author of Armory of the Revolution is one of those folks who likes to stir things up in the hopes of discrediting veganism or animal rights.I hope that Jim/ Exposing the Big Game is monitoring these exchanges. I am seriously considering unsubscribing.

  3. siriuslyforanimals, I also am concerned. Roland Vincent’s blog has been preaching for Trump, and what he stands for, while pretending that his blog is supposedly to help animals. It appears that suddenly “Armory for the Revolution” has found another site to spread his Anti-Immigration, Racist, Anti-Hilary, Pro-Trump, confused rantings. He even has gone so far as to irrationally talk of how voting for Trump would somehow “help” the cause for animals.
    There are increasing numbers of people discussing how all this Hilary- bashing may be related to fear of having a woman for president–there are many who hate the idea. Hilary is no angel, but compared to Trump’s past and present horrible transgressions, his outright disrespect of women, people of color, and corrupt business dealings? There is no comparison.

    Armory for the Revolution is a Hate Site, inciting crazy followers of Trump and other Pro-Nazi, White Supremacist sympathizers to possible violence.

    Here’s my humble opinion: Please, let’s not give this Armory site any more opportunity to spread this hate. There is enough to do regarding animal issues, and Exposing the Big Game certainly has enough to discuss regarding the multitude of horrendous things happening to non-humans.

      • These blogs are coming under the Exposing the Big Game. I had unsubscribed from the armory several months ago because of the authors views .I do however thoroughly support Jim and Exposing Big Game, but I will unsubscribe if this doesnt stop. Not a threat, just RESPECTFULLY expressing my intention .

      • Dear siriuslyforanimals: Thanks for your comments! You always write so intelligently.
        I, too, no longer visit “Armory” as I began to realize that the site attracts those who have on-dimensional brains (if any), and they are the same who will most likely follow Trump’s dangerous agenda to whatever end he demands, including another world war, including Nuclear weapons.
        Never mind that Trump cares nothing about these followers, as he is merely using them to gain whatever power he can. This agenda is larger than Trump, and Alt. Right Czar, Steve Bannon is a major leader and motivator behind Trump.

        There are so many correlations between the trends now happening in this country, and those which took place in 1930’s Germany, don’t you think? Hitler was not really intelligent, but he had a mesmerizing charisma, telling people he would make Germany Awake. Look what happened because people swallowed this maniac’s rantings. He targeted certain groups of people, making “devils” out of them, promising the Germans that he would “solve the problem, take care of them, that they were the greatest people on Earth. And, because the masses stupidly followed, he & his SS accomplished their goals. Whether building a wall, or creating “camps” it amounts to large-scale racism, more violence towards the Thinkers, with an erosion of Civil Liberties among many other. World War II did not only kill millions of humans, but it was environmentally destructive, and it killed millions of non-humans. Trump is very dangerous, but those behind him are probably worse. Trump must not be elected president.

    • Thank you Rosemary. I have also heard very intelligent, calm and critical- thinking people state that they believe the current hostile mood exacerbated by trump is very similiar to the one hitler created in germany when he was trying to come into power. Its easy to ignore these early warning signs, as we have done so many times before. Science tells us that human beings’ brains are hardwired to react to present/immediate danger. We tend to ignore those things that are potentially dangerous, but blend into the background in our everyday busy lives. People also are still ” tribe- oriented”, and so the ability to strike out at ” others” is still alive and well in the recesses of our brains. It just takes someone like the donald, who is a master salesman, to get the crowds whipped up and do the unspeakable.

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