The Biggest Lie Ever Told!

Armory of the Revolution

climate-change-frame-1000pxThere is nothing as deceitful as Hillary Clinton claiming that she will impact climate change and initiate programs that will slow or stop global warming. It is nothing but campaign rhetoric which she knows to be false. Even if she were not in support of fracking, even if she did not owe her soul to Big Oil and Gas, she would not be able to do ANYTHING to change the course humanity is following.

The most delusional lie ever told to the American people, or to people anywhere, is that politicians can impact climate change.

Campaigning on promises of saving the planet and making the world better for our grandchildren is nothing but a hoax.

We are in the Holocene Extinction, the sixth mass extinction in the planet’s history, It has been primarily caused by the industrial revolution (read: capitalism).

Scrambling to change to green energy, decreasing our carbon footprints…

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9 thoughts on “The Biggest Lie Ever Told!

  1. Yett, far better to have democratic President. Republicans deny climate change, want to gut and undermines ne EPA and ESA, move such programs to state by state management. The republicans vote against wildlife and the environment 90-95% of the time.

  2. The current trend for the Demos is to compromise – so if the Republicans want to gut the EPA, the Demos might try to weaken the laws or give them 50 years to comply. Is everybody all warm and fuzzy now? Good. President Obama wanted to ‘improve’ upon the Endangered Species Act (read weaken to cave to special interests and the almighty economy). I’m not confident at all that Hillary cares, and it appears this compromise is going to continue with her. Read about the Anthropocene Boosters.

  3. What a deal! Campaigning on the dangers of climate change and making promises you can’t keep because Big Business will never comply, and most of the voters want to keep their SUVs, snowmobiles, boats, and big houses. Self-sacrifice won’t sell.

  4. This guy definitely has a point. However there are many minor issues at stake and the repubs are neanderthals. So for the sake of some semblance of sanity in politics, Hillary is the only choice. Trump is so completely unhinged it is getting painful to listen to his daily accusations and diatribes.

  5. Trump reportedly has direct connections with the very dangerous “Alt. Right” movement and even has Steve Bannon, (currently in Trump’s campaign), who already has a post-election agenda to establish a very Right Wing, Alt. Right, White Supremacist global media network. there are elements taking place already in Germany, Britain, Netherlands.
    There is more behind maniac, racist, sexist Donald Trump. Whether he gets “elected” or not, this broader global, Isolationist, Anti-Immigration, pro-Nazi plan will continue. This country’s racist roots never went away, nor have some of the countries in Europe. This time, however, it seems to be concentrating not only on blacks, but on other people of color and origins, who are not white, Anglo Saxon.


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