“We Have Nowhere to Go” — Sea Level Rise is Devouring the Coast of West Africa


“I am very afraid for the future of this place. Sooner or later we will have to leave, but we have nowhere to go.” — Buabasah a resident of Fuvemeh, a West African town being swallowed by the sea.


The coastal zone of West Africa stretches for 4,000 miles from Mauritania to the Congo. It includes highly populated regions surrounding low elevation cities and towns in such African nations as Gabon, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, The Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Liberia, and Ghana. Most industrial activity and food-growing is located near the coast of these nations — accounting for 56 percent of GDP for the region according to the World Bank. And coastal population concentrations in regions vulnerable to sea level rise are very high. In all about 31 percent of the 245 million people dwelling in West Africa live in this fragile land.


(Due to global…

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3 thoughts on ““We Have Nowhere to Go” — Sea Level Rise is Devouring the Coast of West Africa

  1. If this means an end to human over population, then let it happen. My only care is for the animals and the echo systems. But animals and forests and everything else is being destroyed by humans every day so there won’t be much of a difference for them. After all the destruction the humans are causing, may be now it is pay back time. I say bring it on and teach humans a lesson that they will never forget.

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