Corporate Cowboys Hold Most Federal Grazing Permits ! STOP THE GENOCIDE OF OUR WILD HORSES and BURROS !

photo is of a cow that died from poor grazing management on public lands © Katie Fite (this new note is a redo of a note originally published on February 23, 2011, therefore some statistics & names may be slightly different but the big picture HAS NOT CHANGED Please think about this …..let it sink in deeply: The cattle grazing on public land only contribute to approximately 3% of the American food supply. So essentially, we the taxpayers are subsidizing their presence in order to preserve the “way of life” for these cattle ranchers. This has little to do with providing food for the American diet. Two percent — or about 500 permittees — run their cattle on about half of all BLM grazing lands. “This includes four billionaires, several oil companies and other wealthy interests. Further, less than 3 percent of the nation’s beef … is produced by public lands ranching,” according to research gathered by the Natural Resources Defense Council and endorsed by a total of 34 groups and individuals. These corporate cowboys, as well as those ranchers who are private individuals, receive an estimated $500 million annually in government subsidies.” and…”while there very well may be public lands ranchers named Buck or Gus or Red, those who own the most land are called, Hewlett-Packard, JR Simplot Co., Union Oil, Texaco, and Anheuser-Busch”…. and the Koch Brothers. (see first comment below this Note)

) ******************************************************* These ventures for them are for the purpose of TAX WRITE-OFFS, because they aren’t making money at this. When you realize that the past Secretary of the Interior was Ken Salazar, cattle rancher and oil man, and the present Secretary of the Interior is Sally Jewel, who worked for Mobil oil company on oil fields in Oklahoma from 1978 through 1981, a very unpretty picture becomes all too clear. and here is an even deeper look at this from the brilliant Christine A. Jubic (R.I.P. beloved Christine), who provided a link (at end of her summary): “The REAL truth is that they NEED to hold onto the PERMITS – the cows are only of secondary importance…the VALUE is in holding the permit as it gives them a VESTED interest in the land. Most of these cows aren’t even OWNED by the Welfare ranchers because they RENT their allotments out to OTHERS and do so at a PROFIT! The permits are as good as gold these days and are being traded like commodies on the stock markets…bankers are even holding them as colladeral on loans,…sooooooo, in this way ~~ THE BANKERS now have a VESTED interest in the lands through their “ownership” of the permits!” To get into this more deeply, read this: Ranchers Using Grazing Permits As Collateral

THINK ABOUT IT. Please get involved in the efforts to stop the genocide of our wild horses and burros, which is happening primarily to serve the purposes of corporations…also including corporations drilling for natural gas, drilling for oil, transportiing natural gas, and various sorts of mining for minerals all over the western states. These corporations are being allowed to RAPE OUR LAND for their own purposes, and they DON’T CARE ABOUT HUMANS EITHER. The corporations and the people who run them are NOT altruists, they are not doing it on behalf of the national welfare except in terms of how it might increase their own profits, and allow them to maintain their lavish and selfish lifestyles. They care only about themselves and their rich friends, and we let them do this, and we ENABLE THEM to do this. ******************************************************** “Livestock grazing is the most destructive and widespread practice on public lands and is responsible for the extinction and imperilment of numerous species across the west.”

More on the “Rolex” Welfare Ranchers

Here is some more info on ranchers mortgaging our public lands ~ in podcast form by Mike Hudak, author of Western Turf Wars

Be sure to also check out some of the video links on the left in the above link. **************************************************


from the crucially important book: WELFARE RANCHING: THE SUBSIDIZED DESTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN WEST The majority of the American public does not know that livestock grazing in the arid West has caused more damage than the chainsaw and bulldozer combined. Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West is a seven-pound book featuring 346 pages of articles and photographs by expert authors and photographers on the severe negative impacts of livestock grazing on western public lands. Selected articles and photographs are available online below. You can also buy the book WELFARE RANCHING at a discount HERE:

: ************************************************************************************* BLM and USFS Fail to Identify, Track, Penalize or Deter Unauthorized Welfare Livestock Grazing on Public Lands [This article also provides the text of Western Watershed Project’s response to the new GAO report] #publiclands #deadbeatranchers#GAOreport

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on Jul 7, 2016, detailing the extent to which the United States Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have failed to follow agency regulations in documenting and penalizing unauthorized or trespass livestock grazing on federal public lands. The report, entitled Unauthorized Grazing: Actions Needed to Improve Tracking and Deterrence Efforts, was requested by Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Ranking Member of the House Natural Resources Committee. The request came in response to several high profile cases of trespass grazing and a recognition of the devastating ecological impacts it can have on wildlife habitat. BE OUTRAGED: The report came to several important conclusions: Trespass grazing is pervasive and causes widespread degradation of public lands, can have devastating ecological impacts on wildlife habitat, agencies do not document it adequately, and the Forest Service trespass fees are too low to be a deterrent. BE OUTRAGED: Average private grazing land lease rates in western states ranged from $9 to $39, so what this means is that public lands livestock grazing is heavily subsidized by American taxpayers. In 2016, BLM and the Forest Service charged ranchers $2.11 per animal unit month for horses and cattle, and $0.42 for sheep and goats. ************* Here is a blog by R.T. Fitch which further discusses this report and situation Here is the GAO report released on Jul 7, 2016 Surprise, Surprise: BLM and USFS Fail to Identify, Track, Penalize or Deter Unauthorized Welfare Livestock Grazing on Public Lands

*********************** In a separate press release about the GAO report released on July 7, 2016, Grijalva stated, “We know we’re leasing public land at well below market value. What we don’t know nearly enough about is the extent or impact of unauthorized grazing on public lands. The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management need to bring grazing fees in line with the modern economy and take illegal use of public lands more seriously going forward.”

********************************************************************************* Here are a few facts about how the BLM came to be: “The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), created in 1946 through a merger of the General Land Office (GLO) and the U.S. Grazing Service, has roots going back to the creation of the GLO in 1812. ”

In 1812, a young American nation faced the challenge of transforming wilderness to agricultural use and acquiring the revenue to pay its war debts. The GLO was established to handle the business associated with the sale of public lands for private ownership, transforming wilderness to agricultural use, and generating income for the Federal government. The GLO, in fact, became the “Gateway to Land Ownership” for millions of Americans. As the successor agency to the original GLO, the BLM, a bureau of the Department of the Interior, was established in 1946 with the merger of the Grazing Service and the GLO.


************************************************************* The movie everyone needs to see: Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

11 thoughts on “Corporate Cowboys Hold Most Federal Grazing Permits ! STOP THE GENOCIDE OF OUR WILD HORSES and BURROS !

  1. 23,000 grazing permits on BLM land and National Forests for $1.69 per animal unit. Pasture rental usually rons $15 to $30 per animal unit. Ranchers are not only being subsidized on public land but they are also encroaching on wildlife and wildlife habitat.

  2. BLM and Forest Service Announce 2015 Grazing Fee. The Federal grazing fee for 2015 will be $1.69 per animal unit month (AUM) for public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management and $1.69 per head month (HM) for lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service. The 2014 fee was $1.35.Jan 30, 2015
    BLM and Forest Service Announce 2015 Grazing Fee
    Bureau of Land Management (.gov) › info

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  5. The problem is not too many wild horses on public land. It is that ranchers and BLM are taking public land from wild horses and permitting it to ranchers. It is an unholy alliance of greed, encroachment, aided by a public service agency (BLM).

    Wild horses are grazing public land and ranchers and BLM have a greedy eye of further encroachment. There are 23,000 permits for grazing on public land, national forests and BLM land, in 16 western states at $1.35-1.69 per animal unit per month.

    The number of cattle versus wild horses on public land is 50 to 1; five of 18 wild horses are stockpiled in government facilities; 270,000 wild horses have been removed from public land since 1971; 22.2 million acres of wild horse/burro land has been removed since 1971; 70 percent of wild horse herds have been reduced below genetic viability levels.

    The real problem is that BLM is giving away public land, wild horse and wild burro land, and other wild lands to rancher leases. There is a viable answer: Stop the rancher encroachment on public land, on the wild, retire those allotments and stop any more, protect the wild and the wild things from rancher, and a western mindset of entitlement thinking with regard to public land and encroachment.

    If public land is going to be put up for ranching and farming, why not offer the same permit to wildlife conservation agencies to set aside for wildlife? Why should ranchers/farmers be subsidized at the expense of wildlife?

    Roger Hewitt

  6. The land was allocated for the wild horses and burros. But the extractors and ranchers want it for themselves. As human populations grow, ranchers will be demanding more land for their cattle. We have seen the consequences for the lives of the horses and burros (sent to slaughter in Canada or Mexico or kept in holding pens) and on wolves (hunted down for killing cattle grazing next to wilderness areas).

    There has not been enough attention paid to the cattle, who are often blamed for the behavior of the ranchers. What do the cows get out of the whole thing? They are left unprotected from the predators, left out in all weather, hot in summer and freezing in winter, given no help for sickness, injury, or birth, and then are crammed into transport trucks for a trip to the slaughter house. Many of the cattle suffer from their day they are born until the day they die, thanks to the greed of the ranchers and the increasing demand for steaks.

    We all know about Cliven Bundy and his band of worthies. He has grazed cattle on public land and has not paid the fees. There are reports that those cattle are neglected and left to suffer whatever fate can befall domestic animals who are abandoned on the range.

    The following is from the following report in the “Daily Kos”:

    “The Justice Department describes Bundy’s ranching operation as negligent to the point of cruelty in sending half-wild cattle to graze illegally on protected lands without supervision. Unvaccinated and susceptible to illness, the cattle have little contact with humans and Bundy often has no idea where they are, the government said.

    “The cattle were left out during harsh winters, according to the Justice Department memo, their lives coming down to “fighting off predators and scrounging for the meager amounts of food and water available in the difficult and arid terrain that comprises the public lands” in the Nevada desert.”

  7. It sickens me to know that corporations are wiping out any obstacle in their path. I don’t think the current administration ought to be let off the hook – there’s video of Sally Jewell saying, ironically, that horses breed too much and too quickly. Also asking for the opinion from the NAS and ignoring it. The reality is that we are taking land for raising cattle and other human needs to feed and support billions of humans, not horses.

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