Election 2016: A Portrait of America Under Siege


“Donald Trump is an ignorant man, a vulgar man, a man who reminds me of Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin in his arrogance and thirst for power.” — Bernie Sanders

A Bizarro Reality

To look at Donald Trump’s version of what makes America great is to take a retrograde step through a rip in space-time and enter a fake populist bizarro land. To venture into an alternate dimension where a once-mighty and enlightened nation was strong-armed into taking the downward-sloping path into crisis and collapse. And like the bizarro land of the Superman mythos, this alternate reality is trying to inflict itself on the real world. It will succeed if we let it.

Trump’s a man who’s angrily proud of the fact that he does not pay taxes to support the safety, security and prosperity of the nation he seeks to lead. He’s a billionaire pandering to white…

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14 thoughts on “Election 2016: A Portrait of America Under Siege

  1. Have we already reached tipping points of too much greenhouse gases, too much destruction of land and water, too much encroachment on the wild and wildlife, too much destruction of biodiversity, too much population growth, too much plunder of resources, and failure to act with appropriate speed and resolve to change?



  2. This whole article was bashing trump and putting a girlish picture of hillary, I suppose to appeal to younger voters! What a stupid piece of propaganda. The truth is both of these candidates are corrupt, why talk about one and not the other?!

  3. Trump is so incredibly dangerous that to compare him to Hillary is ridiculous. Of course Hillary has issues, but she has some semblance of a moral core. Trump is a hollow man who needs constant approval and validation and who lashes out like a spoiled brat, constantly defensive.
    What he stands for would set this country on a course so destructive, I doubt we would recover.

    • Ahh hillary just has issues, like lying cheating compromising to accumulate powerful friends who then gave her millions of dollars for her speeches (I wonder what words of wisdom was worth a million dollars per speech), setup a non-profit organization to receive money in exchange of favors. The best is what she did during her job as a secretary of state. She did nothing except everything that a secretary of state should not do, like setup email server in her house to send and receive classified emails, pursue policies that got an American ambassador in a foreign country killed, and even worse, when questioned about it casually refuse to take responsibility. This woman is better trump? For whom, and why?

    • hillary has a “semblance of a moral core”!! Where is she hiding her moral core? You are either deliberately helping the hillary’s campaign or you have been had!
      I find it so funny that everything people like you say, has been published over and over by Hillary campaign in popular magazines or blog. All of a sudden Hillary backers are appearing on every social media discussion or blog, where they were absent before. The only thing all of your incessant dribbles have in common is trump (and now even Jill Stein) name calling coupled with an angelic picture of hillary!

  4. Believe me, we are all envisioning what a presidency will be like if either side wins, and it isn’t pretty. I cannot vote for Trump because I have fundamental differences on the issues – but it concerns me greatly that the public is willing to vote for a candidate like HRC who has a track record of shady scandals and corruption, right out of the starting gate! Have we become that jaded to corruption that we accept it? Trump is quite forthright, and he has a knack for speaking the people’s language, you know where you stand. Hillary is opaque and waffles. The other day I watched her speak and she went on for 20 minutes or so about Michelle Obama! Now we all love Michelle Obama, but she isn’t running for President. We want to know where Hillary stands, on the issues. Not playing dirty pool and exaggerating or twisting issues about Trump’s character. It’s a vulgar world out there, as we know –

    The media too has been terribly complicit – although lately they have improved somewhat and are a bit more evenhanded. (After all, if the FBI reopens an investigation into your chosen candidate, you can’t not report it!!!!) Now the DOJ has scandal swirling around them, and incidentally the DOJ had scandal surrounding them concerning Ken Salazar’s breaking the law re illegally sending wild horses to slaughter, which they refused to investigate! Bill meeting with the Attorney General during an ongoing investigation of Hillary raises eyebrows too, giving the impression of conflict of interest or bias, or deal-making preferential treatment. He shouldn’t have done it – and she should have walked away.

    And what’s with ‘early voting’? It almost seems borderline voter fraud to me. I don’t want to be rushed in what is a very important decision that I want to consider very carefully, now more than ever. I’m not voting ‘Til Tuesday, and no, I have not decided yet.

    And as far as Interior Secretary appointments by either side – *shudder*

  5. But if I am wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it. I don’t want to have taken part in something I will regret later.

    Chris Christie’s way of speaking I like too – maybe it’s because I am a Northeasterner too – but it’s an approach I understand. I loved Chris’s appearance on Sat. night Live reading Bruce Springstein’s poetry. 🙂

  6. PS – and envisioning the obstruction and gridlock the GOP is threatening, and the sacrifices made to ‘compromise’ with the environment and wildlife – I think it will be even worse than under the Obama administration! I don’t think it will last for eight years, though.

  7. Chris Christie is another corrupt thug. If you want most, if not all, wildlife protections rolled back, by all means vote for trump. And Oh contraire, you do not know where you stand with trump, he swings back and forth on issues like a metronome. His lunatic 3am tweets, his anti immigrant rhetoric that caters to the lowest of the low in our country, his great business acumen that enabled him to get away with paying no taxes for over 15 years. He is more corrupt than Hillary and his business “empire” proves it.
    Obviously was Hillary incredibly stupid to put her state dept. emails on a separate private server?
    Absolutely! There is no doubt about that. But the rest of the supposed scandals over the years have done nothing more than waste taxpayer dollars and proved ultimately that nothing went on with the Clintons.

    • Like I said Ms. DeMartin, I don’t need people like you telling me where I stand with trump, I know where I stand with both candidates. You see, I read not just blogs, and not just during election. I read all the time and I read different sources of information. I still would rather deal with trump than hillary. This woman, she compromised even her own principles for this end. When she married Clinton, at first she didn’t change her last name. She did it only after billy the husband got the attention of political heavy weights. Then she change her last name and started playing the happy house wife. She stayed with bill regardless of his infidelities because she knew she would not have a chance in hell to get elected to anything as a divorced woman. There is no moral stop signs for this woman. She smiles and takes her pictures with Al Gore, while she tells the coal miners that she was wrong about coal being a dirty energy source, and she offers a position in her team to Ken Salazar, the man responsible for round up and slaughter of thousands of wild horses. She is someone that no one with a conscience can deal with.

  8. Today I voted, and I am proud to say I voted for the only candidate with integrity. I voted for Jill Stein. I feel clean; I feel like I finally washed off the dirt and sludge that is hillary from my consciousness. I do not like Republicans’ environmental policies, but what I despise more, is a compromising self-serving corrupt politician who plays both sides for her self-interest. The worst of it is that if Hillary wins animals will lose in a big way, both because of her policies which does not include even the notion of animals welfare, and because conservatives will take all of their anger and frustration on animals as they did during the entire eight years of 0bama.

  9. Every big name politician gets hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees. That’s just what they do. Just saying. I was for Bernie for fuk’s sake, but I refuse to throw away my vote. And I do believe the democrats ensured Bernie was not the nominee. Stein’s platform would be a wet dream come true, but there appears to be no mention of how it is all to be paid for. Until the Greens somehow get their act together they are basically non-participants, which is too bad.

    • You either don’t understand how you are manipulating and skewing the reality to get Hillary elected or you are doing it on purpose. At the start of this election, we had one third of voters totally sickened by the two main candidates and were ready to change the face of the political process. Then people like you started planting the old and tried notion that voting for any candidate but those elected by the establishment is wasting a vote. Thus, the democratic big bosses got their wish in every primary and pushed a corrupt to the core politician down people’s throat. People who supported Sanders as the only hope begged him not to pull out but he did and started playing the same corrupt game like a good little boy. It is all thanks to scare tactics that people like you orchestrated that the change for a real change became “a wet dream”.

      But for any independent thinker your words are nothing but manipulation and your actions are every bit as despicable as the democratic big bosses and that corrupt woman, with thirty years of stinking political career, they have pushed on voters.

      By the way Rene DeMartin, whoever you are and whatever your agenda is, politician may charge hundreds and thousands for speeches not millions of dollars! You sicken me.

  10. I’m tending to vote Green as preparation for future elections, where a third party will keep these two entrenched parties on their toes and honest!!! I have no idea what HRC will or will not do for animals and the environment; I just hope we don’t have another case of Democrats all nodding in bobble-head agreement like they do and did with President Obama’s policies. Her off-the-cuff response to an animal rights group at one of her speaking events didn’t give me much confidence, and the spectre of Ken Salazar bothers me. A Republican president might light a fire under their asses so that they will do their jobs! That’s if Trump wins.

    I thought the to-do about Trump’s 3 am tweets was more silliness.

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