In Canada, mountain caribou recovery falters

A decade of conservation efforts has done little to stop the decline of the endangered ungulates or their rainforest home.


2 thoughts on “In Canada, mountain caribou recovery falters

  1. Never ending encroachment is the problem in protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat, and it takes many forms. The war on wildlife began with the Dawn of Civilization and was greatly accelerated with the Industrial Age and population explosion. Now it is greatly accelerated by anthropogenic climate change. It is a hunter, rancher, farmer, fisherman, extraction industries, developer led war against wildlife. Poaching for meat, trophies, animal parts, and as hate crime is threatening wildlife worldwide. It is a major problem in Africa. Maybe another major threat is on the horizon: Recreationists are threatening the wild, thrill seekers who want to mountain bike, kayak or canoe, climb, or otherwise disturb the pristine with their recreation, unconcerned about wildlife. We still allow so-called “subsistence hunting” like in Alaska, when it is a tradition of human past, not present or future.

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