Anti-Trump Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Several U.S. Cities

BERKELEY, Calif. — Chanting “Not my president,” several hundred protesters streamed through the streets of Berkeley and Oakland in the predawn hours of Wednesday venting their anger at the election of Donald J. Trump as president. Demonstrations were also reported in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Portland, Ore.



One thought on “Anti-Trump Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Several U.S. Cities

  1. Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election in a surprising upset. The pollsters and media did not recognize the disenchantment of white working class Americans and social and economic conservatives. The GOP also held onto the Senate and House. It clarified even more deeply the polarization of the country. The GOP is now likely to make assaults on EPA, ESA, wilderness, Social Securityresist a national minimum wage, repeal parts of or all Obamacare/ACA, fail to make progress on women’s rights, fail to make progress on voting, take a hard line on immigration reform and illegal immigration. The GOP will be opposed to any or much Islamic refugee immigration. The neoconservative international interventionism is likely to gather strength. NATO alliances will be shaken, maybe broken. Trade agreements will be broken. The Paris Climate Accords will be repealed. The Nuclear Arms Iran Deal will be revoked. The Supreme Court will be loaded ultra conservative. The corporate tax wii be lowered even more. Fossil fuels will be encouraged and deregulated. Forests will be more intensely cut down. Rural interests of extraction industries, ranching on public lands, hunting will be emboldened. International trophy hunting may be emboldened. Law and Order will be a mantra encouraging continued militarization of the police. Incarceration rates are likely to stay high and be racially discriminatory. School segregation via Charter Schools and other private schools will get a boost. The GOP theories of trickle down and unfettered capitalism will prevail.

    Hillary Clinton gave a gracious concession speech encouraging open mindedness and acceptance and support of President Trump. She encouraged her supporters to keep up the fight for Democratic values and ideals.

    This all the GOP and the now loud conservative right wing majority set into motion. It is said that we deserve what we asked for. We have taken a giant regressive step as a nation from which it will take decades to recover if at all. It is very doubtful that we have “Made America Great Again”’ probably “White Again” and more authoritarian, racist, and xenophobic. We are likely to provoke terrorism by a paranoid attack on Islam and our neoconservatism.

    The world will not be a safer and better place. But we should accept the results. We probably deserve what we asked for. The people wanted a revolution. We needed Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Hillary could not carry that mantle, though she would have offered revolutionary progress. So we got reality show Trump and GOP regression.

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