Blue Cut Fire Train

Shock and disappointment. Like you, that’s how all of us here at NRDC are feeling after witnessing last night’s election results.

Hillary Clinton, a climate champion, lost. Donald Trump, who embraces fossil fuels, has vowed to roll back the Paris accord and calls climate change a hoax, has won. Feeling shell-shocked is an appropriate response.

But we will not let that shock linger or, worse yet, turn to despair. We are going to transform it into concrete, planet-affirming action.

Know this: NRDC will fight for our environment, for our climate, and for our shared clean energy future — harder than we ever have fought before.

Donald Trump ran on one of the most stridently anti-environment platforms of any recent major-party nominee, but now he is the president-elect.

Analysts will sort out why people pulled the lever for this man. However, this much is equally clear. Whatever Americans voted for, it was not to turn back the clock on the environmental progress we’ve achieved over the last eight years under President Barack Obama.

It was not to continue allowing big polluters and their climate-denying allies in Congress to pillage our natural heritage and our planet for profit. It was not to walk away from the Paris climate agreement, the promise of clean energy and desperately needed progress on fighting climate change here at home. And it certainly was not to deny our fellow Americans their basic right to safe drinking water, clean air and healthy communities simply because of their income or skin color.

So it’s time for every American — Republican, Democrat and Independent alike — to stand and defend our environment and health.

Yes, today shock will prevail. But prepare yourself, because tomorrow the battle for all the environmental values we hold dear will begin. And we must be ready.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC

P.S. We are moving swiftly to lay the groundwork for a tenacious defense of our environment in the courts, in Congress and in the public sphere. Building a war chest to fund that fight is of paramount importance. Please consider donating today so that NRDC is fully prepared come January to fend off Donald Trump’s coming attacks.

12 thoughts on “Shock

  1. Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election in a surprising upset. The pollsters and media did not recognize the disenchantment of white working class Americans and social and economic conservatives. The GOP also held onto the Senate and House. It clarified even more deeply the polarization of the country. The GOP is now likely to make assaults on EPA, ESA, wilderness, Social Securityresist a national minimum wage, repeal parts of or all Obamacare/ACA, fail to make progress on women’s rights, fail to make progress on voting, take a hard line on immigration reform and illegal immigration. The GOP will be opposed to any or much Islamic refugee immigration. The neoconservative international interventionism is likely to gather strength. NATO alliances will be shaken, maybe broken. Trade agreements will be broken. The Paris Climate Accords will be repealed. The Nuclear Arms Iran Deal will be revoked. The Supreme Court will be loaded ultra conservative. The corporate tax wii be lowered even more. Fossil fuels will be encouraged and deregulated. Forests will be more intensely cut down. Rural interests of extraction industries, ranching on public lands, hunting will be emboldened. International trophy hunting may be emboldened. Law and Order will be a mantra encouraging continued militarization of the police. Incarceration rates are likely to stay high and be racially discriminatory. School segregation via Charter Schools and other private schools will get a boost. The GOP theories of trickle down and unfettered capitalism will prevail.

    Hillary Clinton gave a gracious concession speech encouraging open mindedness and acceptance and support of President Trump. She encouraged her supporters to keep up the fight for Democratic values and ideals.

    This all the GOP and the now loud conservative right wing majority set into motion. It is said that we deserve what we asked for. We have taken a giant regressive step as a nation from which it will take decades to recover if at all. It is very doubtful that we have “Made America Great Again”’ probably “White Again” and more authoritarian, racist, and xenophobic. We are likely to provoke terrorism by a paranoid attack on Islam and our neoconservatism.

    The world will not be a safer and better place. But we should accept the results. We probably deserve what we asked for. The people wanted a revolution. We needed Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Hillary could not carry that mantle, though she would have offered revolutionary progress. So we got reality show Trump and GOP regression.

  2. It coulda been Bernie, but the DNC and major media just didn’t get it. They were blind and selfish…maybe now they’ll see what being corporatist war mongers has cost them instead of being FOR people, peace, planet.

    ALWAYS fight for exactly what you are committed to….no compromising. When we compromise it makes our opposition stronger! When will NRDC start promoting veganism that could slow down climate change? If NRDC is truly committed to impacting the pace of climate change they MUST walk the walk and talk the talk and STOP ignoring the V word! Compromising does NOT work!

    • I agree with you on this. They should have taken people’s desire for real change more seriously than to go about business as usual and try to force people to vote for a candidate who never showed an ounce of integrity.

  3. I’m taking today to just process this and let myself grieve. Then, tomorrow I’m going to figure out how I, as just one person can change my life and my circumstances. I’m going to see how I can be a change for the positive. But right now, I’m just heartbroken and I worry for us all.

  4. Don’t let you be sized down like this, America… you are stronger, show it by staying upright and continuing to confront each day the way you did until today. Giving up because a lunatic got some help from “up above” is the way loser’s act. Don’t let anyone chop your wings… We all are strong, don’t we? All over the planet, we have to fight against big idiots telling foolishnesses and nonsense… but we are a multitude, don’t forget that… and say it to your kids as well. Your kids, mine, they are our future… they are the generation which will save our Planet. Be positive, don’t let you put down on your knees.
    Don’t forget the words of P. Hawken
    Serenity :-)claudine

  5. hillary was never a champion of anything much less environment. In one of her very early campaign stops, she told residents of a mining town in mid-west that she was wrong to regard coal as a dirty source of energy. That woman said anything to anyone and ultimately, the only thing she cared about was getting votes. As far as the achievements of the last eight years goes, that is a matter of debate. 0bama started giving environmental organizations a few things when he was concerned about getting their votes. In his second term that all changed. Yes, I still have the emails from different environmental organizations, with headlines like tell 0bama to keep his word. During his eight years, national parks came under attack to be opened for mining and trophy hunting, all the laws protecting animals came under attack or were revoked. More animals were killed legally and illegally under his administration than any other recent administration because every time states got fed up with his executive orders they pushed to get more control over national parks and killed and trapped more animals. Of course 0bama’s first concern wasn’t the national parks or animals, he didn’t care about how many animals were killed. I blame him for having republican majority in congress and senate and those are the elected officials who change the laws that protect the animals and the environment.

  6. “Yes, today shock will prevail. But prepare yourself, because tomorrow the battle for all the environmental values we hold dear will begin. And we must be ready.” Yes I have been prepared and witnessed many environmental battles lost during 0bama. All the legal and illegal killing of animals under his administration, started with the anger he provoked by recklessly using executive orders to do whatever he wanted. I blame him for so many animals hunted legally and poached illegally. I blame him because he basically shit on the middle class in this country and those with guns couldn’t kill humans killed animals.

  7. Trumpism (demagoguery, racism, xenophobia, nativism, jingoism, misogyny, capitalism unfettered, trickle down economics, scapegoating, ignorance exalted) endorsed by half of Americans by his election, means horrifying regression for progressives, means nativistic emphasis, social conservatism, “Make America White Again” (nostalgic white rule, a country polarized. It was in large part a “whitelash”.

    Watching Trump form his cabinet, Trumpism means Wall Street and as Hillary said, “trickle down on steroids” and unfettered capitalism, financial deregulation. Environmental issues will take a seat behind capitalistic interests. Entitlement programs will urged be privatized capitalistic investments schemes. Healthcare and pharmacy will be back to greed system based, vulture capitalism.

    The emphasis will be you are on your own instead of we are all in this together. That means social safety net weakening instead of strengthening and expanding. It means no federal minimum wage. It means no higher education assistance. It means efforts at privatization of Medicare and Social Security. The Supreme Court will be seeded with Social and economic ultra conservatives, having impact for decades.

    With Donald Trump and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell at the helm, capitalism rules all decisions. EPA and ESA, wilderness and wildlife and public land are in trouble.

    International relations will be strained by American jingoistic nativism and neoconservatism and bullying.

    The working class and white collar social conservatives have been duped again I think. We needed a political revolution but along Bernie Sanders socialist democracy lines, not “trickle down on steroids”. America just took a hard right turn when we should have gone left. We just turned to the dark side. It will likely lead to more polarization.

    Protesters are right, he is “not my President”. He is a threat to the environment, social justice and human rights, the economy, the planet. After the shock, anger, denial, reality will set in that we have to hunker down for a long fight to protect, salvage progressive values and policy. We should be terrified. The media, congress, pundits will try to normalize Trump, see genius in his stupidity and machinations, elevate someone who should not be President to presidential status.

    Those who voted for Trump wanted to blow the system up, put a businessman in charge, a man who sounds like them, resonates with their angst, and will “Make America White Again”. We deserve what we get, they do anyway.

    A question on Americans’ minds: What does Trump’s win say about us as a nation?
    The Washington Post 11/09/2016

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