Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: The pro-death Republican platform: Threat to wolves, climate and human survival

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“(T)he Endangered Species Act (ESA) should not include species such as gray wolves and other species if these species exist elsewhere in healthy numbers in another state or country.” ~ The Republican 2016 platform

One wonders how a major party can square their religious fervor with their short-sighted determination to destroy creation for money. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is the very embodiment of the deadly ideology of the Republican Party, shored up by a rigid National Rifle Association death culture, white male supremacy, misogyny, and hatred of the “other” — be it religion, race, gender or other species.

The most fundamental crises of our times are climate change and destruction of biodiversity. Our oceans are acidifying and dying. More than half the wildlife in the world has been destroyed in the past four decades. Humans cannot live on a dead world with dead oceans and lifeless skies — but…

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5 thoughts on “Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: The pro-death Republican platform: Threat to wolves, climate and human survival

  1. Most of the Republican Party are resourcists, dominionists, human supremacists, and corporate
    lackeys who think everything should be turned into a commodity for whatever profit or pleasure can be wrung out of it (or in case of animals, wrung out of him or her) to benefit people.

    Things are already bad for animals. I hate to think of how much worse it could get, both for the animals and for those trying to help them.

  2. “Tiffany said, ” In the past, Wisconsin has proven to be capable of managing our wolf population and now is the time to return control to the states.””

    Piss-poor is more like it. 🙂

  3. I just hope it doesn’t sneak in while chaos reigns here. Another April 2011 back door plot with no judicial review, by a Democrat no less. Line item vetoes and term limits!!!

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