Wisconsin Republicans Ask Congress To Remove Wolves From Endangered Species List– Lawmakers Are Hopeful President-Elect Donald Trump Will Help Effort

Wisconsin Republicans Ask Congress To Remove Wolves From Endangered Species List

Lawmakers Are Hopeful President-Elect Donald Trump Will Help Effort
Thursday, November 17, 2016

Republican state legislators Tom Tiffany and Adam Jarchow are again asking Congress to remove gray wolves from the endangered species list and they’re hopeful President-elect Donald Trump will help make it happen.

A letter from the lawmakers calls on Congress to overturn a federal judge’s decision and remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. That way the states can manage their population through hunting. Sen. Tiffany said the election of Republican Donald Trump could add momentum to their cause.

“I can’t speak for the Trump Administration, but I would think that they are more amenable to delisting. So, I think it moves the needle in the right direction,” Tiffany said.

Republican legislators enacted a state wolf hunt in 2012 but that was blocked in 2014 when a federal judge places the great lakes gray wolf back on the federal endangered species list.

Rep. Adam Jarchow said he’s hopeful federal lawmakers will listen to rural citizens and again let Wisconsin and others use hunting to control the wolf population.

“The people of rural Wisconsin and rural America in general are crying out for legislators in both Madison and Washington to pay attention, and a very important issue to people in rural Wisconsin is being able to have an opportunity to manage the wolf,” Jarchow said.

Jarchow and Tiffany have also called on U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin to support delisting gray wolves. In 2011, Baldwin said she supported removing the wolf from the endangered species list.


12 thoughts on “Wisconsin Republicans Ask Congress To Remove Wolves From Endangered Species List– Lawmakers Are Hopeful President-Elect Donald Trump Will Help Effort

  1. Hang on–this is just the beginning.
    To those who voted for Trump because of Hilary’s e-mails –you got what you voted for: a totally committed Racist, Abuser of Women, Anti-Animal/Environment/Climate Change denier, KKK supporter, Big Business Wheeler and Dealer who cheated thousands of workers out of their pay, among many other atrocities which will most likely come to surface when he is president.

  2. Don’t look at me – I reluctantly voted for Hillary. You Democrats have to share in the responsibility for this too. All of the compromises made the past eight years amounted to zero. So now not only do we have the damage done by compromise with nothing in return, we now have a destructive new government to boot, and republicans dominate all aspects of it – from the President to governors.

    It appeared, by HRC’s people she surrounded herself with such as Tim Kaine and Ken Salazar, she would have taken the same path as President Obama – compromise and the same politically safe, baby steps. Grizzly bears are set to be delisted and that wasn’t accomplished under Trump’s administration. Sage grouse were never listed, nor were wolverines, and that wasn’t done under Trump’s administration. And the biggest gaffe was delisting wolves forever put into place by a Democrat. Wake up!

    As far as climate change, what action? We’ve been waiting for years, and the last talk it was charged that indigenous voices were not even included. Between all the fuel it takes for transportation to these things, and all the hot air from talking will surely bump up the CO2 levels even further. We’ve been dragging our feet for so long now that we’ll try to take over more vast swaths of land and ocean for wind and solar farms which will further drive wildlife into extinction.

    I remember this or another article was posted here about the pioneering climate change scientist who is not impressed either:


    It’s been a heartbreaking election, the worst I can remember for utter foolishness. You should also blame the DNC for Hillary’s loss.

      • I’ve always voted Democrat too, at times thinking it was the lesser of evils. This time I went Green. Washington is a blue state and Trump could not win here anyway.

    • Or I should say, we’ll probably rush to throw up more massive wind and solar farms in a herd mentality panic, which will further destroy the environment. Overpopulation is the singlemost factor for all of this.

      Here’s more bad news – 102 million trees dead from drought and wildfires. How are hundreds of millions of people who live in an area that is prone to dry periods to begin with going to handle that?


      I read a headline today entitled “Save Us!” from climate change. For flood-prone areas or rising sea levels areas – darlings, you better start building Noah’s Ark.

  3. I suspect an all-out assault on animals, wilderness, and the environment in general. The phony “sustainability” crowd and the “resourcists” will be out in force. The Democrats have very little to be proud of. Maybe some voted for animal bills that are from animal welfare groups and would not harm corporate America that much. But when Ken Salazar, a rancher with corporate interests at heart, is appointed Secretary of the Interior and has control over the fate of wild horses and their land, the party is showing no concern for animals. Politicians care about the next election, their big donations, and pandering to the groups that will keep them in office. Animals don’t have bank accounts and they can’t vote. The are not on the radar.

  4. I see a lot of eleventh-hour scrambling by the Democrats, which I’ll take, but in eight years I don’t think much was done. The outgoing administration has blocked drilling in the Arctic, but for only five years. Human conception of the environment really is only about human energy usage. Nobody would grant a 30-year exemption for wind and solar from the ESA for bird deaths and no requirement to report bird deaths, how is that good for the environment? I think that is still in the works as well. Hillary’s record was rather unimpressive also; nothing above what one would expect.

    As far as climate change, I’ve often wondered why these types of climate meetings aren’t held as virtual online meetings? Instead of flying on private jets or commercial flights, meals probably beef and animal products, palm oil, bottled water, etc. I just read a horrible account of a coal plant in Germany that will not be closed because it threatens jobs, entitled “The Fight Against Climate Change Runs into Cold Hard Reality”. Ain’t that the truth:


    • White Supremacist, Steve Bannon, is the brain behind Trump, who appears to be doing exactly what Bannon wants. Now that southern racist, Jeff Sessions is on board, along with other white fanatics, the next step will be to appoint very conservative, anti-abortion, pro-states’ rights, anti-civil liberty, anti-environment, anti-immigration, evangelical types to the Supreme Court. Expect Roe v. Wade and Voting Rights decisions to be overturned. The right to a medically safe abortion will be history.
      This terrible legacy will be entrenched in this country (& the world) for decades.
      Since we witnessed just how much Trump was able to get away with during this way-too -long campaign, ( with his followers ignoring the credible reports of his numerous misdoings), we can bet that he will pretty much have his (& Bannon’s) way for 4 or maybe 8 years. After that, perhaps one of his animal-killing sons will take over. A Dynasty?
      Many people aren’t capable of understanding just what has happened in this country. This is not going away, and every facet of society and every part of this planet, and every non-human will be affected. The stark reality of all this, is that about half the humans in this country are nimrods, who loves guns and hunting, women/blacks in their place, longing for the good old 1950’s. Well it’s on its on its way. Whatever Obama or Hilary did not did not do (& I was critical of them as well), hang on folks–the worst is yet to come.

  5. I apologize–my last statement should be “Whatever Obama/ Hilary did or did not do– I was critical of them as well- hang on folks–the worst is yet to come under this fanatical, privileged Regime.”

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