Founder of “Protect the Harvest” considered for Interior Secretary position

“A few months ago, President-elect Donald Trump identified Forrest Lucas as
a possible consideration for Secretary of the Interior — a position that is
responsible for protecting the nation’s natural land resources.

What is it exactly that makes Lucas qualified for this position? That is a
very good question.

Forrest Lucas is founder of Lucas Oil Products (a manufacturer of
lubricants and fuel and oil additives), sponsor of the Touring Pro Division
of the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. and several national cow and horse
events and owner of tracks located in California, Missouri and
Indianapolis, as well as the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

Lucas created Protect the Harvest, an innocuous-sounding group with its own
super PAC that animals rights activists consider the most aggressive and
best-funded anti-animal advocacy group. Established in 2010 with an initial
investment of more than $600,000, Protect the Harvest targets policy makers
and activists who stand up for animal rights, welfare and protections. And
Protect the Harvest’s biggest target is the Humane Society of the United
States (HSUS).”

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6 thoughts on “Founder of “Protect the Harvest” considered for Interior Secretary position

  1. So we had a rancher in the wild-horse-destructive Ken Salazar, and now we get someone involved in the oil industry and the promotion of oil products.

    Anyone ever figure out how much pollution, resource waste, and ecological damage is involved in the racing industry and the motorcycle and snowmobile groups do who use the Lucas products?

    And how much damage to animals do those rodeo events he is involved in cause. Those who approve of killing and crippling animals for “entertainment” should have no problems with Mr. Lucas. Also, some of the animals who are so damaged in rodeos are then sent to killer buyers for a horrific transport to and equally ghastly death in Mexico or Canada. Can’t forego the opportunity to make an extra buck, can’t we?

    Captain Paul Watson has some thoughts: “So whereas most Americans believe that this two-party system supported by corporate campaign funding is a democracy, it is, in practice, an oleaginous oiligarchy.” Mr. Lucas’ products certainly contribute to more extravagant demands fossil fuel use.

    Watson also that oil use is a reason for human overpopulation and thus the cause of diminishment of biological diversity.

    So now an oil man. Not hard to tell where things are going. But the Democrats had nothing to brag about either.

  2. I fear so much for the animals. I already do considering the torture, suffering, and murder they currently endure, but now it will be even worse. They’re all pretenders.

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  4. Let’s see who he actually picks. Right now, the Democrats are smarting from their loss of power, which is really what it’s all about. I have read more bs and propaganda than I can believe.

  5. The Democrats are out. The racist, climate- deniers are in. Let’s concentrate on that. This new Regime is much more dangerous than most imagined. It will leave a horrendous legacy, not just for 4 -8 years, but for many decades to come. We will be much closer to a possible nuclear confrontation in the coming years, not to mention the relentless attacks very soon on national parks, wilderness, women’s rights, Social Security and Medicare, to name just a few. This is a new agenda, with a very fanatical purpose, not seen for some time, very akin to Germany in the 1930’s.

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