Calgary man banned from hunting, fined for importing Alaskan brown bear carcass

The Canadian Press

A Calgary man has been banned from hunting anywhere in the world for a year and fined thousands of dollars for illegally importing the carcass of an Alaskan brown bear.

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 Environment Canada says Jason John Clemett was found guilty in June and was ordered to pay $13,500 for violating the Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act.
Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

9 thoughts on “Calgary man banned from hunting, fined for importing Alaskan brown bear carcass

  1. First–I HATE the word “carcass.”! It is just a way to diminish the life and death of an animal. The word “carcass” is also used to mean any “decaying or worthless remains.”

    The guy who imported the body of the bear should have been banned from hunting for life. I would like to know just how much he was fined and if he will really have to pay it.

    The moral throwback who speared the bear deserves anything he gets. As for the death threats, a few threats leave him better of than that poor bear. Unfortunately, the bear had to pay the price for the trash humans who are accumulating on this planet.

      • Hee! Especially the ‘worthless remains’ part. Uh-oh, I’d better be careful – one of those big tough macho hunters will start quaking in their boots about those awful bunny and tree huggers (I’m both) scaring them. 🙂

      • LOL! You know, if trophy hunting was a once-in-a-lifetime event or so, people might be a little more tolerant. But it is such a disgusting display of human greed! These people are not satisfied with one, two, even three animals, they’ve got to have entire rooms full of dead animal trophies!

        Pure blasphemy to the sanctity of life. I don’t know why the world tolerates it.

  2. This guy should have been banned from hunting for life and should have gone to jail. Not only he is a disgusting vile serial killer but he showed he has no respect for law. Piece of shit, not worth the oxygen he takes in.

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