Woman mistaken for deer, fatally shot by hunter in Arkansas, sheriff says


By Arkansas Online

This article was published today at 9:03 a.m.

A woman was fatally shot by a hunter after being mistaken for a deer in north-central Arkansas, authorities said Wednesday.

Searcy County Sheriff Joey Pruitt said the 29-year-old woman died Tuesday in an “apparent hunting accident.” Her name was not released.

It happened in an area west of Marshall, Pruitt said in a statement.

“The victim was not wearing hunter orange and was mistaken for a deer,” the sheriff said.

Authorities also did not identify the shooter.

Pruitt said his agency along with Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Game and Fish


7 thoughts on “Woman mistaken for deer, fatally shot by hunter in Arkansas, sheriff says

      • I was being sarcastic (it doesn’t translate well in print). I totally agree it was the hunter’s fault. They’re responsible for clearly identifying their prey before they shoot.

  1. So the yahoos can just shoot at anything that isn’t orange? I guess we need to keep in mind that these are the same guys that can’t tell a wolf from a coyote, a deer from an elk, or a moose from a horse.

    To bad hunt saboteurs can’t take to the woods every fall and put all the animals in orange PJs.

  2. Interestingly, when complaining about hunters’ hours to the local police, the officer said, don’t worry take a walk, you don’t look like a deer. The officer discounted the increased adrenaline hunters might feel when holding a lethal weapon and seeing movement on the ground below that might affect their perceptions.

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