by Rosemary Lowe
Teddy Roosevelt (remember him, the Trophy Hunter?), founded the infamous Boone & Crockett Club (Wolf Killer, Aldo Leopold was also a member). From both of these serial animal killers, came the Game Management Ideology–which is the bible for State and Federal Wildlife (Game) agencies—and too often, wildlife groups which claim to “defend” wildlife.
 And, what does this Humanist “game” ideology preach, that makes it so popular and supported by so-called “wildlife” groups like Defenders? It preaches the idea that wild animals are something to be used, within “sustainable levels” by humans–for hunting/trapping, viewing, and otherwise getting some kind of human satisfaction. Some wildlife groups, then, can take the easier road of compromise and collaboration with the enemies of wildlife, (hunters/trappers/ranchers), by “working with them to help wildlife.”
 This hunter-conservation/game management nonsense permeates every agency that deals in anyway with wild animals. It is designed to “conserve” populations to a point where they can be killed, and to manipulate such populations to artificially create more animals to be “used” (i.e., hunted, trapped, etc.)  Because this management model is all about manipulation of species and habitat for human use, certain populations are increased so they may provide animal killers (hunters), with targets, such as deer, elk, caribou, ducks, geese, etc. It  is all about species/habitat manipulation, that so-called “predators” such as wolves, coyotes, bears, wolverines, beavers, foxes, bobcat, mountain lion & other species considered “nuisance animals” must be “controlled,” under this barbaric, anti-wildlife system. 
 Millions of wild animals each year are caught & slaughtered in this “Game Management Trap,” which few people understand or oppose. As long as this system continues, no wild species will be able to live in peace. The livestock industry is also part of this system, and this industry demands that wild animals be controlled (trapped, poisoned, shot, burned out of dens, etc.), so Domestic Livestock can graze on National Forests, Wildlife Refuges, wilderness areas & other public lands.  Most wildlife groups appear to be afraid of the livestock special interests, bending over backwards to appease them by sanctioning coyote/wolf hazing techniques and grazing permit buyouts, which only seems to embolden the wildlife killers.
This massive wildlife slaughter is taking a terrible toll on all wild species around the planet.  Now add to this, uncontrolled human population & increasing climate changes, which are killing habitat, food & water sources for non-human beings. Extinction will be Forever!  Why are wild species and wild habitat so important? Its about Biodiversity, wild things (flora and fauna) that are intertwined in the Life Support System of this planet: without The Wild,  all life dies. The Earth can do just fine without Homo sapiens. But, without wild species–down to the most simple bacteria in the soils, air & oceans–nothing will survive. 
As long as wildlife groups like Defenders and others continue to shamefully  follow the game management philosophy of Leopold and Teddy Roosevelt, wild animal populations will be harassed, maimed, and killed, to appease special interests like hunter/trappers, ranchers. 
So, what are all you sell-out wildlife groups going to do now?  Compromise even more with a new, more virulent anti-environmental/wildlife president and congress?
copyrighted wolf in water


  1. Earth could not only do fine without H. sapiens, Earth would do much better without H. sapiens, as would all the other creatures we are oppressing and killing. Unfortunately, as Farley Mowat says, we are a “bad species,” whose arrogance and selfishness knows no bounds. As for the Defenders and their ilk, they will cave in to the resource and sustainability groups in order to avoid appearing “radical” and to attract members. One way or another, it comes down to the money.

  2. Whether the talk is about wolves, bison, grizzly, wild horse, coyotes, national forests, public land, wildlife, “management” seems to a synonym for recreational killing of wildlife, pushing wildlife aside for ranchers, extraction industries, “rural interests”, timber harvests, distortion of wildlife ecology for hunters, political and special interests manipulation of wildlife, national forests, continued, since the dawn of civilization, war on wildlife and wilderness.

    And on it goes, Political Management of Wildlife, Civilization’s War on Wildlife, Hunter and Rancher Led, but Extraction Industries Big Players, and state “wildlife agency” defended.

    Wolves: Political management of wildlife and it is often republican led and a wolf jihad state generated and following the Tester-Simpson formula of 2011, a Pandora’s Box of political management of wildlife. War on wildlife since the dawn of civilization. http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming/senate-panel-backs-bill-to-drop-wolf-protections-in-states/article


    Sage Grouse: Political management of wildlife: Same old story, human economic and political interests trump wildlife interests, war on wildlife since the dawn of “civilization. http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/montana-officials-object-to-limits-on-mining-because-of-sage/article

    Bison: Plans to slaughter another 900: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/officials-agree-to-slaughter-to-yellowstone-bison-this-winter/article

    Grizzly: Wet lips of wildlife agency to delist and have another trophy animal to hunt …sorry, I lean “mamage” http://missoulian.com/news/opinion/columnists/what-kind-of-world-will-grizzlies-awaken-to-in/article

    Wild horses, ranchers wanting wildlife land: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/wild-horse-advocacy-group-defends-blm/article_a94cc091-f854-570e-abd2-908fa81572d5.html#.VZp5O4NlPf8.email



    Elk: Hunter controlled wildlife agencies. http://billingsgazette.com/news/opinion/guest/fwp-ignores-herd-reality-in-plan-for-gardiner-elk/article

    • The insufferable arrogance of our species is becoming more and more incomprehensible to me every day. How can we possibly consider ourselves superior to the powerless, helpless, and innocent lives we take? How can we not see our own meanness, greed, and corruption? I guess we can’t see our own stupidity either. The only species we should be driving to extinction, in my opinion, is our own.

  3. The more of us there are, the worse it seems to get as well – when you’d think it would be the other way around, that we’d have more sympathy for diminishing wildlife. It’s like we greedily hold on tighter than ever. I hate that term, wildlife management. Only to be followed by ‘invasive species’. Who’s the worst invader on the planet?

    • Yes, it is often management by trap, poison, shooting, and death. Yes, we’re the invasive species doing most of the damage.

      By the way, November 30, is Memorial Day for Extinct Species. Some people are holding group or private remembrances for our all the missing, including the ones who passed into oblivion because of us.

  4. Reblogged this on uddeer and commented:
    USDA APHIS Wildlife Management kills millions of animals each year is taking count of the Deer of Upper Dublin so a plan to “manage” the deer will be available this December or January 2017.

  5. Thank you Rosemary. You are spot- on. I recently read a book by John A. Livingston: The Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation, which discusses the same kind of arrogance and anthropocentric thinking that you cite in your writing. I have a list( I think I learned about it from a 2014 Exposing the Big Game posting) of the so- called environmental/ wildlife protection groups who are pro, or silent on hunting. The amount of cowardly green- washing done by these “big- box” groups is disgusting. I hope all of us who truly respect free- living animals and their habitats/ homes will stay engaged and work towards the day when their needs are considered before our wants.

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