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I can’t continue my Canada posts at the moment. I keep telling myself to plow forward, just fight but I can’t shake my mood for the past few days. This is the first time ever I have felt I don’t belong in my country. Today is the 5th day after the election and the GOP/Trump have not condemned the spike in hate crimes. My Dad use to tell me stories of America the great, the melting pot, no other country was like ours. How we are the American melting pot because we are mixed, how everyone from everywhere came over for their dreams, how his family came over to build the railroads in the 1800s we, should be proud, there’s a place for everyone. Them not condemning the violence pretty much shows me they only value the whites and fuels the violence even more. Where is the America I was proud…

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2 thoughts on “#notmypresident

  1. “How we are the American melting pot because we are mixed, how everyone from everywhere came over for their dreams….”

    Who fed us this line of BS? I don’t know about everyone else for sure, but I suspect this is the case for most people who ‘ended up here’ – my ancestors more than likely didn’t come here of their own accord, but were booted out and had their lands stolen from them, no unlike what we turned around and did to the Native Americans! Most people do or did end up here escaping from poverty, war, servitude/slavery or genocide. It was a dream just to be alive. I had no say in the matter, my being here is an accident. I’d have probably wanted to stay in the original home of my ancestors, who never really wanted to leave. I think war and greed are the human condition, unfortunately – we don’t seem to be able to learn or change our behaviors..

    There’s no end to the rationalization and justifications for our behaviors, is there. It’s hard to put all the blame on Donald Trump, since we’ve been this way since the dawn of humanity. But we like to scapegoat.

    • And building the railroads? Don’t get me started on that slavery. Nothing to be proud of, that’s for sure. Do people know their history today or what? It would appear to be BT and AT only.

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