Donald Trump Jr. visits Turkey in hunting trip, kills goats

While his father is engaged in headhunting for his cabinet, Donald Trump Jr. tackled some real trophies in a surprise and secretive hunting trip in Turkey.

The 38-year-old Donald John Trump Jr., son of real estate tycoon turned president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, was in the southern Turkish resort of Antalya to hunt wild goats, the Doğan News Agency reported.

The younger Trump hunted two goats in the Oluklu plateau of Antalya on Sunday. Trump Jr. arrived in Antalya with five bodyguards after securing a hunting permit from Turkish authorities.

He spent two nights camped out in the mountainous area before leaving on Tuesday back to Germany, where he was staying before the trip.

Donald Trump Jr. is known for his penchant for hunting, drawing the criticism of animal rights activists in the past, especially for his involvement in big-game hunting.

In 2012, younger Trump was slammed by critics when photos showing him with a knife in one hand and holding the tail of a dead elephant surfaced online.

In another photo dating back to 2012, Donald Trump Jr. was seen with his brother Eric beside a dead crocodile hanging from a noose off a tree.

A photo of the duo holding a dead leopard added to the furor of activists although Donald Trump Jr. has never been shy of his enthusiasm for hunting.

In an interview with a website on hunting, he has said he learned hunting from his maternal grandfather in Czechoslovakia and preferred bow hunting.

Previous reports by Turkish media outlets stated that it was Eric Trump who visited Turkey for ann hunting trip, and killed two wild deers.




8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. visits Turkey in hunting trip, kills goats

  1. I loathe both those twisted “bornwithsilverspoonsuptheirasses” serial killers with more hatred than exists in a thousand white/hot suns.

    And I’m being kind in that sentence.

    There isn’t ENOUGH bad karma…….

  2. how disgusting. hunters in itself are disgusting but, The soon to be presidential family should set the bar for life rescpect and ethical behaviour towards Nature. How pitiful and shameful this is.

  3. We’ll probably be hearing more of this. I wish the progressives would be inclusive about animals and target the trophy hunting set, including the Trumps. And why aren’t the Trump boys tagged with labels such as zoophobia, zoosadism, and misothery (from Greek misos for “hatred” and ther for “animal”). Or how about just plain trophy hunting abuse?

    Names and labels stick, so why don’t we use them and make them current and more widespread?

  4. This Trump “family” is sick, but they are rich, and their racist, sexist “daddy” is loading his appointments with those who are from Wall Street! –interesting that this guy was criticizing his opponent for Wall St. connections. Hope all those idiots who voted for this facist realize that Wall Street will play a Big part in this administration, and their Medicaid, Medicare will most likely be privatized soon enough.
    So , Donald Jr.: “He spent two nights camped out in the mountainous area before leaving on Tuesday back to Germany, where he was staying before the trip.” Really? well, Germany is probably a good place for him these days, as facism is now increasing in Germany as well as other countries, including the U.S.

    Trump fooled a lot of fools, and he is doing just exactly what he criticized others of doing, but he will have absolute power. Great job America! You got what you wished & voted for!

    Any one who thinks this “President” will help the environment or animals needs a lobotomy.

    • Maureen–me too!
      Friends of the Earth just wrote: “Donald Trump just nominated Steven Mnuchin — a corrupt billionaire — to be Treasury Secretary. The former Goldman Sachs executive has built his career and his fortune by exploiting everyday people.
      Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” But instead, he’s giving key jobs to Big Money executives like Mnuchin. Mnuchin will join Trump’s administration alongside White Supremacist Steve Bannon and Big Oil crony Myron Ebell.”

      I am still puzzled by so-called “animal people” (some of whom come and go on this blog) who, when Trump’s crookedness and deceit are exposed, either excuse it–or start blaming others, such as Hilary Clinton. Another blog calling itself an “animal rights blog” continues to support this terrible Regime-Elect, saying it will “it will be good for animals.” To those who are still confused as to whether or not Trump is a bad as reported: get off the fence, and decide which side you are on!

      Trump’s long history of cheating people, working closely with Wall Street, his close ties with White Supremacists, his disdain for women and his anti-abortion stance, his anti-environmental ideology, his pro-nuclear/oil/gas, pro-endless growth , & anti-climate change mania will destroy this planet, & all life within decades, if not sooner.

    • from

      We, the undersigned, oppose and condemn in the strongest of terms President-Elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon’s anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic agenda deserves no place in the White House, let alone second-in-command to the most powerful office on the planet.

      If there is anyone on this blog who is masquerading as someone who cares about animals and the planet, but who continues to, in ANY WAY give Trump, his family and his cronies, any credence or immediately tries to change the subject away from Trump, such people are in League with this Devil.

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