Nov 29, 2016


Although big game hunting season has ended in Montana, the wolf hunting season continues.

Through the end of the general deer and elk season on Nov. 27, hunters in Northwest Montana FWP Region One have taken 34 wolves. The statewide total sits at 106 wolves taken, up slightly from last year at the end of the general deer and elk season.

The wolf hunting season continues until March 15. Hunters can still purchase a wolf hunting license, but there is a 24-hour waiting period before it is valid.  Wolf trapping begins on December 15. 

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials point out the wolf trappers must purchase a furbearer trapping license and have completed the wolf trapping certification course to trap wolves. 

The bag limit is five wolves per hunter/trapper in any combination of hunting or trapping. FWP reports that 210 wolves were taken in 2015.

Click here for more information about the wolf hunt in Montana.

(MTN News file photo)


  1. When will they ever learn? Wolves will control their own population relative to needed wolf elbow room in a given niche, and available prey. They do not need Man management by hunting, which is no doubt doing more harm than good. They delude themselves.

  2. Montana (FWP) wolf management: Wolf numbers are stabilized (at 600-700) and FWP “management” (“keeping numbers down on a burgeoning population”) through FWP usual mismanagement strategies has nothing to with it except creating the illusion for “howling” ranchers and “sportsmen” that the population is being kept under control so that they stop howling. Livestock depredations have been going down for several years while wolf numbers rose then stabilized. Cattle depredations have gone down from the mid 80’s to less than 60. With cattle numbers at 2.6 million that is about 0.002%. Elk numbers are up 39% after wolves. Wolves are not and have not devastated game or livestock; that is FWP and colloquial mythology. Wolves should not be “treated like any other animals” because they are not like any other animal to be trapped, hunted and treated like a trophy sport target or varmint to satisfy the ranchers and the “sportsmen”. Wolves will populate the available niches then stabilize and regulate their own numbers. Wolves are most often a part of a family unit. The youngsters learn from the elders. For 25% of their lives the youngsters learn what to hunt and how to hunt. Wolves are part of a family and culture. State game management, such as MT FWP “management” disrupts the family and culture. Only problem wolves or packs should be “managed” preferably by nonlethal means used to discourage problems in the first place. Wolves are good for the wildlife ecology. Hunters, trappers and, to a large degree, FWP are not good for wildlife ecology.


    Montana says it’s on track for wolf numbers. Officials seeking no changes in hunting, trapping regulations.

    `Killing Wolves: A Hunter-Led War Against Science and Wildlife

  3. Dear god the world is ending I have nightmares every day Trump stole an election through lying and deceit and wolves are slaughtered needlessly My heart is broken

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  4. Louise, you are right about the maniac Trump. And, his supporters are so shallow-minded that he can already start breaking all his “promises” to them. Remember his rants about Wall St. and how bad Hilary was? Now, he has already appointed several Wall St. tycoons to government positions, with more on the way. He also misled his supporters regarding the Carrier Corp. in Indiana, and how he, alone would make this company stay in the U.S. Well, guess what? He had his partner in crime, Pence take taxpayer money from the Indiana coffers to make a “deal.” It didn’t cost Trump a dime! Just the poor fool taxpayers in Indiana! And, the company still plans to move parts of its plant to Mexico anyway.

  5. Holy Crap!!!

    “The bag limit is five wolves per hunter/trapper in any combination of hunting or trapping. FWP reports that 210 wolves were taken in 2015.”

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