Yellowstone park looks at large bison cull to trim herds

Associated Press 22 hrs ago

Yellowstone National Park biologists say more than 900 wild bison would need to be killed or removed this winter to begin reducing the size of herds that spill into neighboring Montana.

The park has an estimated 5,500 bison, the highest number since at least 2000.

Park officials will meet Thursday with state, tribal and U.S. Agriculture Department representatives to discuss options for managing the animals.

 Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

29 thoughts on “Yellowstone park looks at large bison cull to trim herds

  1. The park management, the BLM, and MT Fish and Wildlife only ever want to do is kill wildlife–despicable. Do we believe the population numbers? Not if they are coming from the above 3 groups.

  2. Here we go again, giving serial killers another reason for killing and killing and killing …. I say why not cull the humans for a change. there 7.3 billion humans on this planet and only a few thousand bison.

  3. When reading the article, it is important to see what the core issue is: “the bison are spilling into…Montana.” Who and what is in Montana??? Can you guess?

    Wild Yellowstone Bison Conflict with Cattle Ranchers, Lose

    “The slaying of bison is an annual event. Since 1985 some 8634 Yellowstone bison have been sacrificed to the livestock industry.

    The main justification given for this carnage is the fear of brucellosis transmission to domestic livestock. The Montana Dept. of Livestock and the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) have worked together to perpetrate the idea that brucellosis poses a threat to the livestock industry. As a consequence the state and federal agencies, including the National Park Service, more or less restrict bison to Yellowstone Park (although there is a small area where bison are permitted outside of the park for a short period of time—but they are then killed by Native Americans and Montana hunters).”

    Oh, by the way: The Alt. Right (Neo Nazi) Trump Regime is loading all agency appointments with BIG AG and BIG OIL Billionaires (many with Wall St. connections)–which will make current environmental/animal atrocities look like nothing….

    • I think it is naive to think that democrats are any better for wildlife. I am sorry to say that wildlife has always been sacrificed for big oil, big Ag. big ranches regardless of who was in the white house. Proof of it is in all the culling that took place during the last 8 years everywhere including a liberal state like New Jersey. That is why I always prefer to join grassroots movements in every case than to rely on elected politicians. They are all scums and do what gets them the biggest number of votes. As it happens, the ever-expanding population of people everywhere are in direct competing for the same dwindling resources with animals.

      • It appeared to me the current administration offered up many sacrificial animals and deal making (just like in many other areas) in order to try to get a compromise from these groups, but when will they learn that it will never happen? Wolves first offered up, sage grouse, wolverine – these groups will take and take, and then expect more. We don’t need to be reminded of an inner circle infested (or invested?) in Monsanto Corp. and actually testing GMO crops in open laboratory wildlife refuges, and giving wind farms 30 year exemptions from the ESA.

      • Obama never promised anything when he ran for president, but “hope and change.” Well, guess what? We have change, in the form of Neo-Nacism, which is also happening in Europe. While I am against GMO’s—I’m sorry, but this is the least of the world’s worries now.

      • My feeling is let the poor guy get sworn in and after the first hundred days let’s see. It’s crazy right now, reading all of the hysteria and fear-mongering. The GMO thing was only one in a list of many disappointments in the last eight years.

      • I’m terribly sorry if you think that the integrity of the country’s and the world’s food supply or their right to know what it is they are eating is not important right now – or a country’s right grow their own natural crops without interference and not have to pay royalties on seeds to a corporation!

        It goes against the FDA’s entire mission and reason for being not to label. So you are quite correct that another agency has been corrupted and going down the tubes.

        Until people stop breeding, stop eating meat, stop burning fossil fuels, and learn to make permanent changes to their lifestyles like downsizing, climate change will worsen, no matter who says what about it. Never going to happen. It’s already too late. I think the fact that the majority voted far right to decrease regulations on corporations, open up the coal mines and the steel mills, etc. shows you how much people care about climate change. They will go glug-glug as the sea levels rise, still clingint to the steering wheel of their SUVs.


    • It’s a fact of life that there has to be Wall St. connections for the economy. Fact. How closely they are in bed with them (corruption) will be the problem as it has been historically, and no party has been immune. The biggest environmental atrocity which I don’t think will ever recover is the BP oil spill. I’m trying to keep an open mind and not listen to naysayers. The Democrats have been the worst sore losers spoilsports I have ever seen (it’s actually comical), and it probably will not hold them in good stead in two years’ time either. Obviously they are not concerned with the issues and just want to pout about losing their power.

      As far as handwringing about a woman president, it will happen. Be patient and wait is what they usually tell us environmentalists.

      • I watched Trumps address last night – wow. He said “It was fun beating Hillary, wasn’t it?” to the gentle refrain of “Lock Her Up.”

      • The fact that Racist/Fascist Trump ran his campaign all last year on attacking Hilary Clinton for “ties to Wall Street” and assuring his one-dimensional supporters that he would “do things differently,” shows just how dishonest & manipulative this dangerous guy is.
        He has more very deep ties to Wall Street Billionaires, who have cheated and stolen from working people (some of the same who support him)—than anyone could have imagined. And, now, he is keeping his crooked promises to his crooked Wall Street friends. Many of these Wall St. criminals should be in prison–locked up–as Trump’s stupid supporters continue to scream about Hilary Clinton.
        Compared to Trump, Clinton is an innocent. But, there will be some, who will continue to blindly excuse this sociopath, who cares nothing about “working people,” and certainly nothing at all about this planet–except how to continue to rape it for his profit.

        Welcome, friends, to the Kleptocracy of the U.S. of A. Say good-by to any current protections for wild populations or the environment in general, including Clean Water and Air.

        It is now Open Season for deregulation both here in the U.S. and any regulations that may apply to endangered species in the world. Some Targets: CITES, EPA . And, as foreign trade “deals” by Trump intensify, reports indicate other countries may loosen protections to appease the USA Regime. This is just the beginning….those who continue to complain about Hilary will have a lot more to worry about soon.

  4. Bison in Yellowstone totals around 5500. Experts agree that the Park could sustain 6000, so the “need” to send more to slaughter (or indirectly or by “hunting”) is false false. The Park has an agreement with Montana for the Dept. of Livestock (MT) to “manage” bison coming out of the Park for winter forage which results in the slaughter of hundreds each year. The states should not be managing wildlife like stock, nor telling the Park how to manage wildlife. The issue is really about sharing the public land with the bison, and expecting the naturally wandering bison to return to the Park by May so that ranchers can move in and graze public land. The Governor’s recent decision to allow bison west and north, 600 to 250 depending on the time of year, of the Park, was a giant step in the right direction in preserving the bison.
    Alternatives are to better manage bison-cattle interface on public, leased public, and private land outside the Park, to move more bison to other public land ranges, move more bison to Indian Reservations, where appropriate build bison resistant fences, more tolerance for coexisting with bison, and wildlife in general. Bison is still wild even if moved. The brucellosis argument is a false one. There has never been a documented case of infection from bison to cattle in the wild. Every single case of brucellosis transfer to cattle over the decades has been traced to elk as the most likely source. Ranchers could also do a better job of managing their herds with regard to elk, especially on public land.
    Ranchers may well be the main enemy of wildlife with their leases on public land and hostility to the wild and interruption of wildlife corridors. Moving bison to other public land also insures biodiversity and need not be just limited to Montana. Bison has already been successfully relocated. Bison is a keystone species (good for other wildlife ecology), iconic, symbolic of wilderness and much loved worldwide.
    Wildlife belongs to all Americans, all the world in a sense, and to itself, a precious heritage to be preserved. Ranchers leasing public land need to allow wildlife corridors and coexist with wildlife else give up those leases. Bison are an just example.

    • No offense but I hate that expression ‘wildlife belongs to all Americans’ – many are too stupid to appreciate them, and don’t deserve them – and actually the wildlife needs to be protected from most of them – whether from sadistic killers or idiotic selfie takers. Wildlife belongs to no one but themselves.

      • “My feeling is let the poor guy get sworn in and after the first hundred days let’s see. It’s crazy right now, reading all of the hysteria and fear-mongering.”

        What?? Ida, this terrible maniac does not need you or anyone to feel sorry for him. Some of your statements seem to contradict themselves lately–you seem more confused than ever. Get some rest and then finally decide which side you are really on. Please don’t continue this fence riding, the Earth will need you, as things are going to worsen quickly.

        Trump is not a normal person, please understand this.

      • Trump’s Statements on Environmental Protection: from the his dirty mouth.

        “Cut the EPA; what they do is a disgrace”

        Q: Would you cut departments?
        TRUMP: Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace. Every week they come out with new regulations.
        Q: Who’s going to protect the environment?
        TRUMP: We’ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit, but you can’t destroy businesses.
        Source: Fox News Sunday 2015 Coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Oct 18, 2015

      • (Concerns about Trump’s positions on wildlife worldwide)

        Washington Post/August 6th; What might the Trumps be hunting in Canada? “Caribou, moose, muskox, bison, wolves, polar bears, grizzly bears, black bears and Dall’s sheep” are all available to hunt, with the proper licenses.

        So, bison are also on the Trump Family’s hunt list…..

  5. Rosemary, I feel so badly – I don’t want to get into arguments with others who care about wildlife too! I think Trump is going to find, like most politicians, that what he says and what he is going to be able to do are very different, I hope anyway. If he or others go too far, they’ll have to be blocked in court, and he says he wants to stop the gridlock. The prospect of 4 more years of gridlock is exhausting.

    • Gridlock is probably the best we can hope for at this point. As soon as Trump restores the Supreme Court to its full complement, any victory for wildlife or their environment in lower courts will be short-lived.

      • Dear Ida: Thank you for your comment about those of us who care about wildlife–I agree. It is just that these are very new, dangerous times–much more serious now than ever before, with Climate Change everywhere, more political instability, human population out of contro, impacting innocent life, which simply cannot survive under Trump’s unstable, narcissistic rule.

        I agree with Marc’s statement that we must resist this Regime, that Gridlock would be helpful–Gridlock might be the only way to keep this Regime in some kind of check. Historically, other presidents, however bad, seemed to have some limits to their hegemony. Not this one, thus far.
        Trump feels omnipotent, and was apparently raised that way. He also has Alt. Right, Steve Bannon at his side. He is psychologically damaged, with his severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which is also referred to as Sociopathic. Lots of good sites on Trump relating to this. This one fits him well :

  6. It really does have a fascist feel to it, listening to the his rallies – it is fascinating to watch, almost like a disastah waiting to happen, or history repeating itself. I hope not. That chanting is a little worrisome, that’s for sure. I try to keep hopeful though – to change laws the way some would like would be very difficult, herculean, and will meet with much resistance, and Supreme Court justices can many times surprise one. One Supreme Court appointee won’t be too worrisome, however I share concern about others when the time comes. On the other side, the Washington Post and to a lesser extent, others in the left-leaning mainstream press are like one continuous propaganda loop for their side, no matter how absurd sounding. We’ll see –

    • Q: Would you cut departments?
      TRUMP: Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace. Every week they come out with new regulations.
      Q: Who’s going to protect the environment?
      TRUMP: We’ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit, but you can’t destroy businesses.
      Source: Fox News Sunday 2015 Coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Oct 18, 2015

      The Trump Regime will be able to do just about anything it wants (with Steve Bannon’s guidance), with the House and Senate now in their hands, and wishy-washy Democrats.
      Pence & his evangelicals will assure that the appointees to the Supreme Court will be a Right-Wing machine—for decades to come. This will have long-lasting affects on this country. As one environmental regulation, one court decision, etc. is voted away, the true motives of this bunch may be understood, since they are a combination of Alt.Right (Neo-Facist), right-wing religious conservatives, pro-big business/development, less- taxes for the rich, just to name some of them.

      More info to come on this phenomenon….

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