Rendered Uninhabitable by Heat — It’s Not Just Sudan, Parts From North Africa to the Middle East are Under the Gun


“North Africa is already hot and is strongly increasing in temperature. At some point in this century, part of the region will become uninhabitable.”Dr. Johannes Lilieveld

“The number of climate refugees could increase dramatically in future. Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia have calculated that the Middle East and North Africa could become so hot that human habitability is compromised.”The Max Planck Institute


Heatwaves so hot that it’s impossible to perform any activity outdoors without threat of injury or worse. Raging dust storms that make the very air unbreathable. Massive droughts that wreck agricultural productivity and biodiversity altogether. Sections of Africa and the Middle East are currently getting a taste of these new, dangerous climate conditions. But their frequency could increase by five fold or more over the next 30-40 years — threatening harm, government collapse, and…

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1 thought on “Rendered Uninhabitable by Heat — It’s Not Just Sudan, Parts From North Africa to the Middle East are Under the Gun

  1. The whole planet is in dire peril now, as climate change affects every country, every region. Nothing meaningful will be done from this country now, as the Trump Regime appoints some of the most rabid climate change deniers, along with Big Oil, Big Ag. Anyone who can set aside private lands for wild habitat (particularly if there is some water supply), would be helping. The Wildlife Land Trust is the only one I know of that does not allow hunting, trapping on such lands, and volunteers are used to patrol these lands. Such areas will become critical to saving remaining wild places–particularly as Trump’s cronies open up more public lands to development, and also to privatization. This is already in their plans. Another appointee going to Interior is a woman who will cancel out any progressive ideas for Interior Dept.

    For more info on Animal Sanctuary:

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