Rex Tillerson Named as Secretary of State Amidst CIA Report of Russian Attack on U.S. Election


For those saying that this is the first time they’ve heard of Russia’s attack on the US election or of the serious and harmful conflict of interest that occurs when a billionaire demagogue who’s aligned with fossil fuel special interests, couldn’t care less about the integrity of American democracy, and denies human-caused climate change takes office, then I have ‘news’ for you. We were writing about this back in July.


Some have said that President-Elect Donald Trump’s stated support of Russian hacking and conduct of espionage operations against the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election while subsequently attacking the CIA is ‘on the verge of treason.’ Mind you, these charges come from a member the Tea Party — the musket-toting Joe Walsh — and not from the democrats or journalists who’ve been warning the U.S. electorate about Russian interference apparently aimed at placing Trump as President since the summer

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One thought on “Rex Tillerson Named as Secretary of State Amidst CIA Report of Russian Attack on U.S. Election

  1. Did America just have a coup and too weary to care? Why is there not more of a row? Why are we not immediately holding the general election again?

    Trump, McConnell, Putin and the Triumph of the Will to Power New York Magazine 12/10/2016 Trump’s supporters in government were willing to put the system at risk in order to win, and Clinton’s supporters were not. Read the full story

    Ex-CIA operative: We may need a new vote
    CNN 12/10/2016 Former CIA Operative Robert Baer says if the CIA can prove that Russia interfered with the 2016 election then the US should vote again. Read the full story

    Tillerson, Secretary of State Candidate, Has Ties to Putin
    The Wall Street Journal 12/10/2016

    Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson’s connections to Vladimir Putin and other world leaders could redefine American interests abroad, but his appointment would introduce potential conflicts of interest. Read the full story

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