‘That’s karma’: Infamous lion hunter’s death celebrated online


© Max Rossi
Controversial Italian hunter Luciano Ponzetto has died after falling 30 meters (100ft) down a ravine. His death occurred while he was hunting, prompting many to describe it as “karma”.

Ponzetto, who became a figure of controversy after posting images of his trophy kills online, slipped on ice and fell down a ravine according to Corriere Della Sera. The 55 year old had been hunting birds in Colle delle Oche near Turin in Italy when the accident happened.

It seems the photos Ponzetto posted previously hadn’t left a good impression, with social media users rejoicing in Ponzetto’s death, or “divine intervention,” as it was described by some.

More: https://www.rt.com/viral/370432-ponzetto-lion-hunter-death-online-reaction/


17 thoughts on “‘That’s karma’: Infamous lion hunter’s death celebrated online

  1. To add a bit of extra horror Luciano was formerly the veterinary director for a kennel in Caluso and had been fired due to the backlash over the hunting photos. According to Luciano: [being a vet] “is not incompatible with hunting animals for sport, either morally or professionally.” He didn’t care about the complaints. In his mind: it was legal therefore he was right. It is disturbing to think that such a person worked so closely with animals, treating them with one hand and remorselessly killing them with the other.

  2. The douche bag is dead! It was divine justice that he fell and died with such lack of grace or heroics. I mean if he was chased and killed by one of his would be victims, he might have felt like hero and have gotten some satisfaction, but slipping and falling when busy killing little birdies like a loser. I hope his soul is already in hell where it belongs.

    • Agreed 🙂 The despicable killer first lost his job and then tumbled down like an idiot to his death while killing innocent birds. This does not make up for all the disgusting killers like the killer dentist still living and prospering, but for this one it is over in the most comical way!

  3. It’s comforting to know that there seems to be a force beyond human control and influence that steps in and dispenses justice fairly, if not often. Go Furies, go! When his life passed before his eyes, every bump down the ravine was a reminder I hope of all the defenseless that he killed for his own ego. There was an elephant hunter who was stomped by an elephant too. And who could forget the hunter impaled by elk horns? Recently there was a Wildlife Services (translation: predator killers) plane that slammed into the side of a mountain too.

    Don’t humans have enough ways to kill each other and other inhabitants of the planet without shooting from the air? It’s very risky, and nobody forced them to do it. Apparently, it was only a ‘practice session’ to boot! It needs to stop because it is unsafe and unhealthy for the environment. Worst species ever, humans.

  4. Dumb stuff done by people – it really is cringeworthy. Even the commenters don’t seem to get why it is wrong. If this dumbass had been hurt, the elephant would have had to pay the price. And who would ride a bike across a savannah and think it would be safe?:

    • But then, the elephant might have been destroyed. That godawful, goofy laugh by one of the friends is so annoying, isn’t it? The hyenas must be cover their ears. This man couldn’t be much of a guide or conservationist if that’s all it took for him to harass wildlife, not able to stand up to his friends, and even drunk. Even the newsperson doesn’t get it – she says ‘the man survived the encounter’. Just like it’s always an ‘attack’ by wildlife in the media reports, no matter who did what, antagonized or being shot at by a hunter. It was no unexpected ‘encounter’ it was a deliberate confrontation by this guy.

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