Join the Resistance to Trump’s Attack on Our Environment and Civil Rights
The Earth2Trump Roadshow is coming to a town near you in January.

The roadshow is rallying and empowering defenders of civil rights and the environment to resist Trump’s dangerous agenda. Stopping in 16 cities on its way to Washington, D.C., it will bring thousands of people to protest at the presidential inauguration.

Click on the map below to RSVP for an event near you. Invite your friends, family and activist networks. Forward this webpage widely on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Beginning in Oakland and Seattle on Jan. 2, the Earth2Trump Roadshow will tour the country bringing speakers, musicians, outrage, fun and hope to 16 cities as it progresses toward the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20.

The shows will feature national and local speakers, great musicians, and an opportunity to join a growing movement of resistance to all forms of oppression and all attacks on our environment. We must stand and oppose every Trump policy that hurts wildlife; poisons our air and water; destroys our climate; promotes racism, misogyny or homophobia; and marginalizes entire segments of our society.

At each show, you can:

  • Sign the national Pledge of Resistance to Trump’s dangerous agenda.
  • Write a personalized #Earth2Trump message that will be carried to D.C. inside a massive three-dimensional globe and delivered to Trump.
  • Create a huge, viral social media #Earth2Trump messaging campaign.
  • Connect with people in your community resisting oppression and find out how to join the million people who will protest in Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day.

Join us in your community to send a powerful, unwavering #Earth2Trump message that oppression and environmental destruction must not be tolerated.

Click on locations in the map below to RSVP so we know you’re coming and then share this page with your family, friends and social networks.


4 thoughts on “Join the Resistance to Trump’s Attack on Our Environment and Civil Rights

  1. Great Post! We are adding our names to the petition. This crooked Trump bunch is going to need a long, hard resistance to his organization, which has plans to cut taxes for the rich, privatize schools, medicare, social security, public lands, deregulate environmental, safety, animal welfare legislation, while appointing right-wing, religious nuts to the Supreme Court, & creating more risk around the world of war–even nuclear. This dangerous bunch of racists, misogynists continue to spew their misinformation/lies, via Alex Jones, breitbart news and twitter to unthinking white folks who are afraid of anyone or anything that is not white-bread looking, or speaking a non-English language.Very sad times.

  2. Indeed, this is a challenge which cannot be overstated, as this country has taken the world one more step toward demise. Spending so much time criticizing Bernie, Hillary, et al., many animal advocates overlook the new level of danger Trump’s regime poses, somehow worthy of commanding no greater opposition to Empire than past efforts on the grounds that, for mysterious reasons, Democrats don’t place animals high on their agenda. The unprecedented threats to animals and their world in the face of the upcoming presidential term require unprecedented resistance and a united front on our part. If the Trump colossus does not incite a firm solidarity among those defending the planet what on earth would? We have some here and on other sites claiming a sort of legitimacy by worrying about not appearing to unduly trash Trump, or stating a sort of purity by rejecting the morality of fishing contests, or zeroing in on the shenanigans of Mr. Obama. How will these rather polite grievances be addressed by a viciously right wing judiciary, be disseminated via a communications system dominated by AT & T―eviscerated of any semblance of net neutrality, or be redressed without an EPA or an ESA, in a police state void of civil liberties? This is beyond scandal. Trump will foist us closer to this scenario than ever before, much enabled by activists’ failure to understand otherwise isolated animal issues as deeply integrated with underlying sociopolitical realities.

    • Scott, you discuss some important points, which clearly indicate just how many people in this country simply do not understand (Or perhaps do not care about), the extreme danger Trump and his Goldman Sachs, white supremacists pose.
      Now, with the specter of an all-out Nuclear confrontation facing this planet, things are spinning out of control. Trump’s illiterate use of the 40- character Twitter is a disgrace, and his twitter account should be cancelled, at the very least. Yes, you are right about some who have visited this site, coming from another site which encourages anti-Mexican/Muslim hatred, along with Trump’s misogyny, while alleging to be about “animal rights,” –trolls, no doubt.
      This is one of the few sites that puts non-humans first, and that is why I will continue call out those who may come on this blog to disrupt with other agendas. Thanks again!

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