This is What The Resistance Looks Like — Cities, States and Nations Run on 100 Percent Renewable Power


The sparks of resistance to a harmful domination of energy supplies by the fossil fuel industry are out there. They are the lights of clean power generation blooming like stars across a world blackened by smokestack emissions and imperiled by climate change.


In the U.S., backward-looking republicans like Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, James Inhofe and Mitch McConnell appear to be gearing up to fight against both a necessary and helpful science that provides us with a life-saving awareness of the threats posed by human caused climate change and a highly beneficial renewable energy renaissance that has now gone global. Trump’s presidential cabinet is filled to the brim with climate change deniers and fossil fuel pushers. Pledges to de-fund climate science, implied threats to fire employees at the Department of Energy who worked on climate and renewable energy related issues, and belligerent boasting about dismantling much-needed policies like the…

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1 thought on “This is What The Resistance Looks Like — Cities, States and Nations Run on 100 Percent Renewable Power

  1. Yes. The Trump Dynasty, composed of Extreme Right Wingers, Religious Fanatic- Climate Deniers, will most likely over-turn any existing pro-environmental legislation–because they can, with a loaded House and Senate. Along with the anti-environmental policy changes, women’s reproductive rights to a safe, medical abortion and birth control will also be attacked, as the new Religious/Right-Wing Supreme Cour is chosen. These radical changes in our society will be felt not just for the next 4-8 years, but for decades. Any chance to make real progress to heal this very sick planet will be halted, with no chance to handle human overpopulation, ocean plankton die off, over ice cap melting. Welcome to the New World Order.

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