Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: State legislators sponsor ‘Irrational Hatred of Wolves Rally’ Sept. 15

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Respiratory problems, health, calving, weather, diseases and injury cause 90 percent of unintended cattle losses. Wolves account for two-tents of a percent. Coyotes, 3 percent. Bears, one-tenth of a percent. Graphic by Wild Earth Guardians.

“You start looking and you realize nothing killed this. They died from a multitude of things: birthing problems, old age, bad hooves, cut by barbed wire. There were an awful lot of things attributed to predation that really were not.” ~ Carter Niemeyer, former Wildlife Services district manager

“When Nancy Warren, executive director of the National Wolf Watcher Coalition, heard that Wisconsin state Sen. Tom Tiffany, R-Hazelhurst, and Rep. Adam Jarchow, R-Balsam Lake, planned a Great Lakes Wolf Summit for Sept. 15 in Cumberland, she contacted Tiffany’s office to offer to educate participants on the role of wolves in healthy ecosystems and answer questions about how to coexist with wolves while…

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1 thought on “Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: State legislators sponsor ‘Irrational Hatred of Wolves Rally’ Sept. 15

  1. Wildlife agencies working for ranchers, farmers and hunters encroaching on wildlife. Wolves kill less than 1% (.004% -0.1%) of cattle or sheep yet small numbers of wolf or grizzly killings is newsworthy in states where ranchers or hunters or hunter agencies hold absurd sway in public opinion guided buttressed by newspaper bias or by news hyperbole exciting the public; it stokes the flames of wolf hatred, which is already irrational, hysterical, full of folklore, and extremely resistant to change. Eagles kill more sheep. Dogs kill more stock. Eagles, coyotes, does come ahead of wolves in livestock predation. Of course it is weather, birthing, disease far out in front of predators. Ranchers ranch in predator rich wilderness country with predictable results, often on leased public land, but usually reported as “private land” and are reimbursed nevertheless for wolf predation. Even though they are ranching in wolf country or grizzly country, some on public land, they do little in nonlethal ways to avoid depredation.

    Wildlife Services (USDA) is a wanton killing agency, some would say a renegade or rogue killing agency, killing millions of animals yearly, including thousands of predators. Wildlife Services has even killed wolves on public land for hunters. It is an agency that should be reviewed, probably revamped, maybe fired. “Services” with this agency is a synonym for killing. Wildlife Services needs to be put on a tight leash of conservation eversight and control, as do the closely associated state wildlife agencies which are in close association with hunters and ranchers and farmers, indeed they are primarily hunting and fishing agencies. The state wildlife agencies call Wildlife Services to do the killing of predators. Killing is done by shooting, trapping, snaring, poisoning, and from aerial gun ships. Killing is done at the behest of state wildlife agencies, ranchers; also, hunters trying to farm sporting targets by minimizing predators.


    USDA’s Wildlife Services killed 4 million animals in 2013; seen…kill…animals…/1d…
    The Washington Post
    Jun 7, 2014 – Wildlife Services killed 4 million wild animals, mostly on behalf of … But the agency provided no explanation for why the kill total can be 1.5 …

    Year-end report – Predator Defense

    Predator Defense – The USDA Wildlife Services’ War on …
    Jump to Kill data – Current data on animals killed by USDA Wildlife Services is … The Environmental Protection Agency cancels all registrations for …

    W Wolves and Livestock…Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Dec 9, 2015 – Non-lethal measures

    Killing Wolves: A Hunter-Led War Against Science and Wildlife

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