Should grizzly bears be returned to the North Cascades?


6 thoughts on “Should grizzly bears be returned to the North Cascades?

  1. I love the idea – but from experience we know that there will be a group that will totally oppose it, and those who will want to trophy hunt them. And of course – they’ll have to be ‘managed’ as some point by meddling humans, and shot if they unknowingly become the victim of human entitlements and failures. So I have mixed feelings about it, but I do have hope.

    There will be some who ask why can’t I ever be positive – why? Because I have been following these things, and human behavior, for most of my life. Nothing ever changes. I am a realist.

  2. They should be reintroduced conditionally, only if we get the hunters the ranchers and urban developers, and put a limit of no more than two children per couple, then yes, they will have a chance. Otherwise why bother, to give hunters the thrill and opportunity of killing grizzlies for trophy?

  3. I have no qualms with restoring the natural order but this reintroduction will end in the same way as the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction project. Washington Fish and Wildlife will remove the grizzly from the ESA at whatever time they feel like it, due to pressure from hunting and ranching lobbies, and call their annual mass killings ‘scientifically based’ and ‘successful’ while ignoring the opinions of scientists who are actually competent at their jobs. It’s sad that something that should be such a joyous event can be tainted with the understanding that in spite of the good intentions, evil hands will eventually be pulling the strings.

  4. Of course the Cascades should be re-wilded with grizzly. Wildlife fragmentation, corridors blocked is a real tragedy of wildlife biodiversity and conservation. Wildlife should be re-populated north and south, east and west, wherever there are niches, and should be corridors.

  5. “The proposed reintroduction does have opposition from ranchers.

    The Washington Cattleman’s Association released a statement to us that says in part:

    “The WCA strongly opposes the proposed action to reintroduce grizzly bears into Washington State.”

    This is the core problem for any wildlife re-introductions. Until the people who donate $$ to wildlife groups, demand that these groups stop compromising and fight to get livestock off public lands, no wildlife re-introductions will be successful. The Mexican Wolf Program in NM & Arizona is a glaring example. Groups and individuals who work on this program right off the bat were compromising, “working with” the very enemies of the wolf. Dave Parsons, a major player, included the infamous “Wildlife Services” in this program for “management of the introduced wolves. It has been a terrible failure.

    Now, with the Trump administration, there will be no chance of saving wildlife, due to the large hunting/livestock lobby that supports this bunch.

  6. I’d love to see it, and corridors between Yellowstone, but we’re going to have to really fight for them. Pushback from ranchers and hunters is a given, but ordinary folks out hiking and ‘wreckreating’, are going to have to do their part to give ’em plenty of room. That means no getting too close for selfies, for the kiddos to see, etc. Unfortunately, self-sacrifice really isn’t in our modern vocabulary anymore.

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