Vegans Should Care About Overpopulation

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Yesterday a commenter here suggested that vegans (animal rightsists) don’t care about the problem of overpopulation. That may seem true for some, but it’s certainly not my experience. Those animal-rightsists that I know who are adamantly opposed to human overpopulation are so in part because they have seen animals suffering from their overpopulation.

A friend who is unwaveringly against human overpopulation remarked, “I don’t understand why people want to have babies in this day and age.” I’ve often pondered that. I went to bed last night ruminating on the question. I don’t know that I found the answer, but ironically I read about that same subject in a book about a woman (Diane Downs) who loved having babies, but then paradoxically shot her three kids.

The book goes on to depict her motive for having kids—as she put it, she was “lonely.” Normally, I would advise someone who is lonely…

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2 thoughts on “Vegans Should Care About Overpopulation

  1. No matter how strongly the christians believe it, anti abortion is based on religiosity, that a human has a soul at conception, or any other time for that matter, that humans are special, created in God’s image, that there is even a God. I would argue the opposite. It is more likely that man created God in man’s image. In any case , if there is a God in man’s image, he does not deserve our respect or worship. Humans are just another animal, no more special than any other. Humans are the most destructive by far of earth species, of themselves, other animal life, the planet. We don’t need any more humans to drain resources, pollute the environment, crowd out wildlife habitat, wildlife, eat other animals by the millions and billions, make war on other humans (delayed abortions I guess). The earth would be better off without humans. We are not special, except in our own estimate, and feelings for ourselves and our loved ones (not unique to human animals). Christianity is a superstition and a primitive one for primitives. People have a right of freedom from religion, from superstition, from having such imposed on them. Women have the right to reproductive freedom. Biodiversity, the health of the planet is at stake. The Trumpalypse started today. On this day (January 23, 2017) Trump-GOP regime declared war on women’s reproductive rights and climate and EPA, in indirectly wildlife, which no doubt will soon be under direct assault.

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