Inside the dark world of trophy hunting


4 thoughts on “Inside the dark world of trophy hunting

  1. The worst thing is, one is never enough. And what kind of self-respecting hunter could feel any kind of pride killing an animal at a captive game farm, hand-delivered to them? Now, even the blind, the physically and mentally handicapped are entitled to their fair share of killing wildlife in some sort of weird, self-actualization. Be all you can be! Never mind that this would never have occurred in early times – only the strongest could have the stamina for hunting.

    Humans – King of the Rationalizing Beasts.

    • The strongest hunters would bring back their kills to share with the tribe or village, the older members and others not or no longer able. Now it’s a free-for-all. But, we’re now an entitled, democratic lot.

  2. “Seidl’s editing, laced with irony, includes plenty of shots of one overweight hunter snoring, drinking beer and generally appearing to be past his prime.”

    A poor old rhino past his prime would be killed. Humans past their prime buy Viagra.

    Not only are there 7+ billion and counting (11 billion by 2050) taking wildlife habitat on our lands, air and seas, more people have the opportunity to hunt, including those who are not physically or mentally able, and with more advanced weaponry and advantages than ever before! Advantages that subsistence hunter ancestors never had. How can this be good for the future of wildlife?

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