Trump …What Now?…What+Now%3F%29
by Tom Murphy
Now that the nightmare of a Trump presidency is a reality, bold action must be taken to protect our most valued institutions and freedoms. To do this, it must be acknowledged that Trump’s victory was not legitimate. Civil rights icon John Lewis was correct in stating this truth, and we must stand with him and the 60 Democratic members of Congress who boycotted the inauguration to underscore this fact. Hillary Clinton received 3 million more popular votes than Trump and would have also won the electoral vote had not the Russians and the FBI intervened on behalf of Trump.

Trump is an unstable, dangerous thug whose positions on many issues parallel those of the Nazis in the 1930’s and 40’s. We must recognize that he means what he said, and that he and his cronies will work tirelessly to implement his alt right agenda. A clear indication of this are his cabinet picks. A cabinet comprised of generals, greedy billionaires, Putin supporters, and individuals set to destroy the agencies they lead should be of grave concern to all Americans. Also, his “America First” inaugural address was chilling in the extreme to those who believe in diversity and freedom. After Obama’s election in 2008, those opposed to him formed the Tea Party to counter his progressive policies. And, it worked. The alt right policies of the Republican Congress and Trump go far beyond the wildest dreams of those early Tea Party members.

Like the Tea Party in 2008, Progressives must now work to start a movement that I call the Progressive Peoples Party that must be much stronger than the Tea Party ever was.First, we must work with Congressional Democrats to block, by any means possible, Trump’s legislative agenda, and, of course, work with Senate Democrats to block Trump’s nominees for the Supreme Court. More important, Progressives must unite to increase the number of Democrats elected to Congress in 2018. This will require hard work, new strategies and massive fund raising to fuel this effort. It is doubtful that current Democratic leaders are up to this task. Thus, new leaders must be identified and supported to carry this movement forward.

Progressives must also work to ensure that Trump has only one term. It is probable that Trump’s Presidency will implode long before his term is up. Nevertheless, the damage he can inflict on the nation while he is in office has the potential to be catastrophic. A strong Progressive Peoples Party can do much to minimize this damage, but it will take dedication and courage to make it happen.

As Martin Luther King said “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Let’s let trump know that we will not be silent and that we will prevail starting now.


One thought on “Trump …What Now?

  1. Thanks, Tom for your thoughtful comments. Many people still do not understand (perhaps the reality is too much for them) just how dangerous this new administration is to the planet, and all life on it, especially now that this Sicko has the Nuclear Code. We must continue to try and educate those who are willing to be educated, about this barbaric, Right-Wing (Neo-Fascist), anti-environmental/woman/immigrant bunch of crooks.

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