First West Virginia coyote hunt draws hundreds but not without controversy

KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) — This weekend marked the first West Virginia Coyote Hunt. It ran from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, as hunters across the state checked in at Cabela’s in South Charleston, then hunted coyotes for a maximum 24 hour period.

Men and women from across the state, as well as bordering states participated, according to organizers.

Shannon Sizemore of Team Fur Seekers, out of Cincinnati, Ohio, organized the contest. Sizemore is a native of Big Ugly, West Virginia and says his roots run deep here.

“Comraderie and the atmosphere here, it’s phenomenal, I mean this is what I wanted,” he says. Sizemore says his goal was to teach and educate the community that coyotes need to be hunted regularly in order to help control the population, that often preys on a range of animals, including deer, turkey and even household pets.

“With coyotes having no natural predator, it’s a problem. It’s going to take it’s toll if people don’t start hunting them,” he says. “For whoever says this is a blood bath, it’s nothing about going out and killing coyotes this weekend. It’s teaching and learning them what we can do to prevent what’s going to take place in the future if we don’t do this.

Organizers say approximately 500 hunters participated from 135 teams. Approximately 40 coyotes were killed during the 24 hour sporting event, and nearly $11,000 was awarded in prizes.

“It’s about the atmosphere, the camaraderie. Spending time with your family, your friends, your children. That’s what hunting is about,” Sizemore says.

Sizemore says the coyotes would not be disposed of properly and fur will be used.

The Humane Society of West Virginia condemned the contest, referring to it as a “blood bath.” They released a statement saying “Allowing this blood sport to continue gives hunters and wildlife agencies a black eye and sends a dangerous message to our youth that killing is fun. Gratuitously slaughtering animals for thrills and prizes is unethical and out of step with our current understanding of ecosystems and the important role each species plays.”


10 thoughts on “First West Virginia coyote hunt draws hundreds but not without controversy

  1. Could not agree with WV Humane Soc. more. These so called hunters always talk about the camaraderie and being in the woods is so much fun. To them killing is so much fun, and they don’t consider the lives of wildlife at all.

  2. Absolutely disgusting.This is the mentality that causes the spreading of diseases,and certainly the mentality that caused the Bubonic plague,and the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease that we are NOW facing throughout the ENTIRE MIDWEST.Coyotes have a diet that consist primarily on rodents,which are know to carry over 35 communicable diseases to humans.Coyotes have an immune system which prevent them from getting these diseases,humans do NOT.Also coyotes and other carnivores are necessary to keep rodent populations in control,without rodent populations being controlled,erosion becomes a problem as well.Predators balance out the eco system and keep it healthy.There is no room on this planet for idiots like this.

  3. Another fun filled family event teaching your satanic spawn that it’s OK to hunt and kill wildlife replete with cash prizes and good old boy camaraderie. And you can learn so much about coyotes by killing them….what exactly is going to take place in the future regarding coyotes that they are preventing?? Such morons.

  4. Big Ugly, WV? You can’t make this stuff up. These kinds of ‘events’ really are ugly. No matter how hard they try to pretty it up, people will still condemn it and call them out. I don’t know if they are capable of embarrassment. A contest to kill as many animals as possible is not hunting. Luring, baiting and calling isn’t hunting. Throwbacks.

  5. It really is strange that in the 21 century, people are still behaving like this. Why can’t coyotes prey on deer and turkeys? And household pets should be the responsibility of their owners. Even they can’t take care of their own pets properly, and probably should not even have any in the first place!

    I always get the image of Night of the Living dead types spanning out over the landscape, slackjawed and dead-eyed, brainlessly looking to kill sumpin.

  6. Coyotes are one of the most maligned, mistreated, hated if animals, which just shows how utterly ignorant and savage Homo sapiens is. We have a family of wonderful coyotes who visit our acre &1/2 regularly–what a joy to hear them singing in the night, but I fear for their safety, since just 5 miles down the road is state land, which allows trapping–a rancher grazes on it. As soon as I am able to walk better (after an injury) I plan to “visit” the state land–who knows what I’ll find, eh?

  7. Blood- thirsty dullards. So sick of them. Bad omen that their numbers are growing. If all the studies about coyote family dynamics are accurate – and I believe the are – they big hunting “accomplishment ” is to result in even greater numbers of coyotes: compensatory reproduction. I do believe they know this but will present every imaginable excuse to justify their hatred for and competitiveness with coyotes. They know they are perpetuating living targets for the coming years.
    On the other hand, every species has a tipping point.

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