Take action to stop the War on Wolves Act

Congressional enemies of conservation have wasted no time in beginning the latest and most serious legislative assault on gray wolves. Just weeks into the new Congress, bills have been introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to kick wolves in four states off of the endangered species list and turn their fates over to states inent on capitalizing off of their slaughter through sport hunting and trapping.

Email your representative and senators and demand that they reject the War on Wolves Act and its assault on science and the law.

The zeal to kick wolves off of the endangered species list has become an obsession to some in Congress. In the last legislative session alone, there were more than thirty bills or amendments with a primary goal of removing protections for wolves. Until now, Democrats in the Senate have acted as a check on these attacks. Unfortunately, Senators Klobuchar (D-MN) and Baldwin (D-WI) have aligned with their GOP counterparts and cosponsered the so-called War on Wolves Act.

The threat is abundantly clear. If the War on Wolves Act is passed into law, wolves will be killed in large numbers. In Wisconsin, leaked emails have shown a stated goal of killing up to 70 percent of the wolves in the state–in just the first year that they are allowed to set a hunting and trapping season. This unscientific, unsustainable, and unethical plan is explicitly endorsed by the senators and representatives that are pushing the War on Wolves Act.

Tell your senators and representative to oppose these dangerous bills!

The War on Wolves Act is nothing less than a payback to special interests that have lobbied for legislative tampering with Endangered Species Act protections. Incredibly, despite the persistent congressional efforts to delist wolves, one of the states that would be given management responsibilities–Wyoming–lacks any approved plan for what happens after protections are slashed. The still-recovering 382 wolves in that state would be left in limbo, and at risk of a repeat of Wyoming’s last plan that called for unregulated killing in 85 percent of the state.

Your senators and representative need to hear from you. Today, we are asking you to send an email asking that they oppose this bill. If the bill advances, we will be reaching out to you to ask for calls, social media posts, and visits to members’ in-district offices. Again, this is the most serious and likely-to-pass bill to date. Please take action today by emailing your senators and representative and urging they oppose these bills.

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9 thoughts on “Take action to stop the War on Wolves Act

  1. And, don’t forget Senator Jon Tester of Montana, who helped de-list the wolves–who is also a rancher and an avid hunter. In NM, anti-wolf, anti-coyote, anti-wildlife in general, rancher & NM Rep. Steve Pearce–a real nasty right-winger!

    • Yes, and it saddens me greatly that two Democratic Senators, Tammy Baldwin (D – WI) and Amy Klobuchar (D- Minnesota), and women at that, have joined forces with the Republicans about wolf delisting in the Great Lakes. 😦

      I also read that there is supposed to be a Climate Change protest in DC, but not until April. Why wait until April? 😦

  2. I sent the emails for what it’s worth. The fact is these politicians are assholes and they know only one thing, fear of losing votes and we are just too few for them to care. There is this asshole senator David Perdue that every time I send him an email to support EPA I get a generic answer telling me how he shares my concern about EPA having too far reaching influence. Every time I get one of his bullshit emails, I reply telling him he got it wrong and he should read his emails and not assume every one thinks like him about EPA.

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