Even Idaho has laws against Wolf Hunting and Trapping

With Idaho Fish and Game winter feeding big game in areas of southern Idaho, hunters are reminded that mountain lions and gray wolves may not be hunted or pursued within one-half mile of any active Fish and Game big game feeding site.  In addition, wolves cannot be trapped within the same distance. 

Additional details on seasons and rules for wolf hunting and trapping, as well as mountain lion hunting rules can be found in the 2015 & 2016 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure available at all Fish and Game license vendors and online at https://idfg.idaho.gov/hunt/rules/big-game.

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3 thoughts on “Even Idaho has laws against Wolf Hunting and Trapping

  1. In various public venues (newspapers, interviews, etc) IDFG officers have said they’re responsible for patrolling huge territories — like several hundred miles. What enforcement is possible? And then consider that the officers are themselves hunting and trapping enthusiasts. Enforcement? Regulations? Who are they kidding?

  2. Pffft! I wish people would stop with the willful naivete. For many, laws are made to be ignored, and we see it all the time. There are no laws about hunters and trappers lurking outside of the national parks and killing collared wolves, is there.

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