Free Packy the Elephant From 54 years of Captivity in The Oregon Zoo!

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Elephants don’t belong In zoos, especially not Packy.

The heartbreaking story of Packy begins when he was born at the Oregon Zoo in 1962 to his Mother Bella. Packy has spent 54 years behind bars. 

Packy is the oldest male Asian elephant in North America, and he is in extremely poor health. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2013, and is still undergoing treatment. Packy is also plagued by cracked nails, lesions, and abscesses on his right foot. Records reveal that he receives Ibuphofen and Acetaminophen for lameness, and near daily attempts to manage the poor condition of his feet.

Packy has recurring abscesses and lesions on the left side of his head caused by lying on a concrete floor for extended periods of time. He also has a hygoma – a soft fluid-filled subcutaneous swelling over a bony prominence – on the right side of his head.
Due to his failing health, Packy is no longer visible to the public. He is said to be suffering alone in his enclosure, simply waiting to die without ever knowing freedom. His sad existence is a reminder of why it is inhumane and unethical to breed elephants in captivity, denying them of everything that is innate to who they are as wild animals.
The Oregon Zoo has taken a majestic animal and turned him into a tragedy. After 54 years of continued suffering, Packy deserves to spend his last years in a sanctuary where he would be free from bars. But the zoo honestly thinks that keeping him in captivity is what is best for Packy. No, it’s what’s best for the zoo, and the greed that blinds their common sense, compassion, and love for this beautiful elephant. Their selfishness has destroyed Packy. Mentally, emotionally and physically. All for human entertainment and financial gain.
In the end, Packy’s life will not be a contribution to conservation, but a testament to the tragedy of captive breeding, and the deadening existence of exploitative zoo captivity. 

Please sign this petition demanding that the Oregon Zoo release Packy the elephant to the Performing Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) sanctuary in California. There, he would have the opportunity to roam acres of natural habitat, play in a pond, forage for fresh vegetation, befriend other elephants, and enjoy a full, healthy, and enriched life.

Thank you very much.




13 thoughts on “Free Packy the Elephant From 54 years of Captivity in The Oregon Zoo!

  1. It’s a crime and a sin that even in the ‘so-called’ great US of A we are still keeping elephants in concrete enclosures that are terrible for their health. What kind of zoo is this – a second or third rate one? Can’t they provide better environments for them? It needs to stop. If our country can do nothing else – it can only allow first-rate zoos, get rid of and close down the roadside zoos and others.

    • I’d like to see them all go, but because humans have to be dragged kicking and screaming to progress for animal welfare and rights, at least get rid of roadside zoos and those that cannot give animals the proper care! Some animals are just not suited to captivity (probably none are!), but long-suffering elephants and orcas just heartbreakingly fail to thrive. 😦 I really don’t give a crap if you kid never gets to see one in the wild.

      • I never went to a zoo until I was a young adult, and I feel I never missed much. I’m probably one of the staunchest animal lovers and advocates you could hope to find. I love the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and I did like the San Diego Zoo until I heard that they trained elephants by hitting them with sledgehammers! Never been to Sea World (and never will go).

      • We never even had a family pet growing up. Never went to Yellowstone, the Tetons, or other National Parks until I was an adult and because I really, really wanted to. And wow, did I love it. It was thrilling to see the wildlife, and heartbreaking to know how some are killed because of human interests taking precedence. I hope to go to the new one in Maine, Katahdin Woods, this summer.

        So, the ‘so-called’ advantages kids have of ‘education’ at zoos and national parks doesn’t seem to do much good, does it. I sometimes wonder if zoos have the opposite effect on kids, where they become taught and accustomed to the ‘so-called’ divide between human and animal.

      • Apparently the zoo euthanized him. Probably the only kindness he got there.

        By the way, be sure to take a copy of Thoreau when you go to the Maine woods. Have a great trip!

      • Poor Packy. I’m so sorry to hear it.

        I forgot – I did have a parakeet, and my sister had a hamster, and we had goldfish. But no cats or dogs. But we did love our neighbors’ dogs and cats, and of course bees, frogs, butterflies, birds in our yard.

        I will definitely bring Thoreau. The first time I saw the Rockies I was blown away. Those conservatives better not mess with ’em!!!! Ship them all to Mars!

  2. ..
    my heart bleeds..

    rest forever softly, precious PACKY ♥

    you are too beautiful for this world…

    (no wonder I have become vegan/cruelty-free and
    a misanthrope)

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