Workshop offers insight into hunting coyotes and other predators

“You’re hunting the animal that normally does the hunting,” Andrew Kenner of Jackson, Missouri, said. “They’re the top of the food chain for a reason.”

Kenner, who belongs to a Facebook group for predator hunters in Missouri, said coyotes can remember individual calls. If they see the hunter before he can shoot, Kenner said, coyotes will never respond to that call again.

“Whenever you see them, that’s about the only chance you will have,” Kenner said, “because after that, they will learn exactly what’s going on.”

Different techniques for calling coyotes, foxes and bobcats — from hand calls to electronic versions — will be one focus of a workshop from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The workshop will also go over the limits and regulations for hunting coyotes and other predators. Camouflage and scent control will also be discussed.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is hosting the workshop to teach people how to call coyotes and other predators, such as foxes and bobcats, at the Missouri Department’s regional office in Columbia.

The workshop is free and open to anyone 11 years or older. To reserve a seat, call outdoor skills specialist Brian Flowers at 815-7901 ext. 2867 before the workshop begins. Openings are subject to availability.

About 60 people attended last year’s predator hunting workshop, and a similar turnout is expected Wednesday.

Flowers said predator hunting isn’t an activity where someone can go out and be successful quickly. It requires dedicating time to learning the ins and outs.

“It’s not something that is easy,” Flowers said. “I think that’s why folks want to seek out information and knowledge about it.”

 Regulating the predator population through hunting has environmental benefits.

Flowers said problems that can arise from an uncontrolled predator population include the spread of disease among the predator population, the displacement of predators into urban areas because of overcrowding and the attack of farmers’ crops and livestock due to a shortage of food.

Missouri residents must possess a small game hunting permit to hunt coyotes, foxes and bobcats.

The Department of Conservation encourages hunters to make use of the hides of predators they kill.

Kenner skins the coyotes he kills, and then gives the fur to someone who will tan it, or he tans it himself.

“Before you go on a coyote hunt, you want to have everything lined up in terms of what you’re going to do with the coyote,” Kenner said. “That way you’re not just shooting an animal and letting it lay.”

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11 thoughts on “Workshop offers insight into hunting coyotes and other predators

  1. Ah, yes. The real function of state and federal “conservation” agencies is to promote torture and killing. Filthy, disgusting, immoral, depraved. I wish they would turn their ire and blood-lust enthusiasm on each other.

    • I agree with you 100%, filthy, disgusting, immoral, depraved, non-human parasites. If I could hunt the hunters I would do it without any hesitation. These parasites are not worth the air that they pollute with their filthy breaths.

  2. The main, probably the only, regulation we need, is regulating hunters out of hunting predators. Nature does not need human hunters. Balanced trophic effecting keystone predators don’t need hunters. Hunters do not benefit wildlife at all. Their justifications and rationalization for recreational killing is hunter mythology. They are Elmer Fudd Nimrods.

  3. Perhaps we need a workshop on “How to Call Two-Legged Hunters & How to Track Them..”
    Unlike coyotes and other non-humans, these guys are rather stupid, and would probably keep on coming when we called them, as they’re brains are quite limited. Bet we could “bag” quite a few, eh?

  4. The stupidity is endless. The self-proclaimed “hunters” are nothing but low life scum, lazy, miserable, cold-blooded, arrogant, greedy, selfish sadists and murderers. To say that “Regulating the predator population through hunting has environmental benefits” is absurd and dumb. Animals have lived for centuries in perfect balance and harmony with each-other and Nature without people “regulating”, “managing” or “controlling” them. Without spreading any diseases, overpopulation or extinction. I am actually baffled to why the majority of people are still letting anyone killing wild life in a first place??? It’s so absurd … it’s sickening…👎🏻 The so called Animal Agriculture is just as outdated,bloodthirsty, greedy, disgusting, self-destructive perversion of “justice”. With no morals, no ethics, no respect and no logic.
    P.S. All the previous comments – You people ROCK. Thank you!❤️

    • Hi, I know how you feel. It is disgusting what is going on. I honestly think the only way to stop this wrong is by physically fighting back. I do not agree with those who think “we are better than they are” or other arguments like that. The planet is becoming a cesspool of human filth. There is no pretty and peaceful way to fix it because those who commit the atrocities are just plain incapable of understanding anything but their own need to kill for profit or pleasure. They will continue as is, increasing their population and destroying everything in their path. When they eventually run out of other animals to kill they will kill other, timid and kind hearted, humans. Human species will eventually end up eating their own kind before it becomes extinct, like what happened in Easter Islands.

      • Physically fighting back is probably “the” best yet not my first option. What are the chances for success? Like you said “they will destroy everything in their path and kill us too. In addition to their arrogance, they are “legal” and quite powerful too. It must be a way to find the right people to change such dreadful, unnecessary, outdated foolish law? If the government is on our side we have much better chance. Petitions will not work if only few are sign them. 😕

  5. The workshop is free and open to anyone over 11 yrs of age. That’s so great to teach cruelty to young children! Depravity runs in families and social groups. Yet these people want to be acknowledged as “hunters” as if that carried any dignity at all.

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