A child born today may live to see humanity’s end

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Humans will be extinct in 100 years because the planet will be uninhabitable, said the late Australian microbiologist Frank Fenner, one of the leaders in the effort to eradicate smallpox during the 1970s. He blamed overcrowding, denuded resources and climate change.

Fenner’s prediction, made in 2010, is not a sure bet, but he is correct that there is no way emissions reductions will be enough to save us from our trend toward doom. And there doesn’t seem to be any big global rush to reduce emissions, anyway. When the G7 called on Monday for all countries to reduce carbon emissions to zero in the next 85 years, the scientific reaction was unanimous: That’s far too late.

And no possible treaty that emerges from the current United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany, in preparation for November’s United Nations climate conference in Paris, will be sufficient…

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6 thoughts on “A child born today may live to see humanity’s end

  1. Then maybe the planet can recover. I was thinking the other day, has there ever been a more destructive and egocentric creature on the planet? Every other creature has a purpose in nature – we have no purpose but to ruin. Our weird interpretations of religion cause a lot of it – if supposedly God gave us all of the natural world and its wonders – wouldn’t a rational person find it wrong to defile it all the way we do – kill wolf pups in dens and hibernating bears in their dens (which is in a new bill being snuck in by Don Young for Alaska?) It that really what a Creator would approve of? We make no logical sense. To me it is all blasphemy and sacrilege.

  2. It’s not really pessimism, it’s realism. If we haven’t been able to change our habits for thousands of years, just a steady climb of more of the same, what makes us think we can catch up now? It’s way too late, and the feeble attempts we’ve made at emissions control are cancelled out by growth in population. Perhaps it’s for the best. I’m just sorry that all of the plastic and nuclear waste we’ll leave behind will outlast us.

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