Quadriplegic woman seeks hunting licence

Quadriplegic woman who seeks hunting licence among those being helped by Sask. group

Kaitlyn Hoar is fulfilling her dreams thanks to the Being Astonished! program in Regina

By Rachel Zelniker, CBC News <http://www.cbc.ca/news/cbc-news-online-news-staff-list-1.1294364> Posted: Feb 14, 2017 5:00 AM CT Last Updated: Feb 14, 2017 9:23 AM CT

Kaitlyn Hoar, a Saskatchewan woman with physical disabilities, has dreams like anyone else — and one of them includes hunting.

She wants get a restricted hunting licence, which might seem ambitious, considering she has cerebral palsy and is a quadriplegic.

However, thanks to a Regina charitable organization called Being Astonished!, she’s well on her way to achieving that goal.

“[Her family] got her into doing that,” said Hoar’s mother, Wendy, who’s one of the program’s founders.

“They’ll put the headphones on her, bring her the shotgun, she’ll look towards them when she wants the skeet pulled, and then they will help her pull the trigger.”

It demonstrates there’s no reason Kaitlyn can’t follow her dreams, Wendy said.

“She’s non-verbal, but she … functions mentally very, very well,” said Wendy.

‘This was my dream’

There are currently four other people enrolled in the program, including Kennen Dorgen, whose current goal is one of her most ambitious yet.

“Kennen was born 10 weeks premature with cerebral palsy. She’s technically classified as a quad… and pretty well all her muscles are affected,” said Kennen’s mother Heather Dorgen

She is non-verbal, but “very smart, and very persistent,” Heather added.

Kennen and Heather Dorgan

‘Kennen (centre) was born 10 weeks premature, with cerebral palsy… but is very smart and very persistent,” said Kennen’s mother, Heather (right). (Rachel Zelniker/CBC)

More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/astonished-complex-physical-disabilities-regina-1.3981031


28 thoughts on “Quadriplegic woman seeks hunting licence

  1. “She’s non-verbal, but she … functions mentally very, very well,”…
    Really? Give me a break, I’m very sorry and I ask apologies from the reader, someone who wants to kill a sentient being has serious mental problems!
    No other comments… for now.

  2. I don’t care what her “challenges” are..
    (and we all have some in life)..
    she’s still a heartless murderer of sentient beings..


    Psych 101..

  3. And BTW, Kennan does NOT “function mentally very, very well” IF her “dream” is TO KILL LIVING CREATURES!

    Those who enjoy watching the life drain out of an innocent living sentient being
    are seriously mentally-ill..
    and, IMO, without a “soul.”

  4. I’m “astonished” that such a stupid, senseless, cruel idea is even a news item. Well, this kind of nonsense will be seen more, no doubt, with the Gun Lobby now in the WH. As Trump’s Regime continues to attack the media/press, they most likely will turn more of this kind of trivia, so that the dangerous things Trump’s cronies are doing, will be overlooked.

    Disgusting women, shameful women, whether or not they can walk.

  5. Gosh.
    I have a mental disability bipolar 1 disorder.
    There would be no way I could kill an animal.
    I’m guilty eating animal every now in then.

    I wish do sewing and painting and all stuff but I’m so poor.
    Wish I could get me a sewing machine to sew.

    Well if make her happy I quess.

    It’s what her family raised her.

    To each their own I suppose.


  6. Oh, for Pete’s sake! The woman is nonverbal and has cerebral palsy but “is very persistent.” We can only hope she misses. But if she doesn’t, how many times will she have to shoot a deer or whatever unfortunate she is going after. It’s also interesting that she herself is disabled but has no empathy for animals she could cripple.

  7. She certainly wasn’t gifted with empathy for other living things. I will never kill any creature; but if I ever did have ‘aspirations’ to hunt, I’d want to know I did it on my own. In this woman’s heart, doesn’t she realize she cannot do it on her own? It has no meaning otherwise. All of us have our talents, all of us have things we are not good at or won’t be able to do because of our lack of ability. I’m certainly fine with that, I don’t need to prove myself.

    I hope this is a fake news story concocted by Safari Club International!

    In a similar story, a bill has been approved by the Senate to reverse the Obama Administration’s rule for background checks before gun purchase for certain mentally ill people.

    When our society defends the rights of people to kill, and turns victims into a minor statistic, I don’t know what to say. There’s no denying that some people who are mentally ill are violent. If the bill needs work to be more fair, then fix it, but don’t just eliminate it altogether.


    • I may be politically incorrect, but here goes. Maybe people just do not have the right to do everything they want to do. I don’t believe we have the right to kill living beings at all. And if people are disabled (or if they are children) and could make hunting even more difficult for the victims, they should be told they are not qualified. Unfortunately, animal lives and pain, especially wild ones, do not count.

  8. Aww….she has disabilities? No sympathy from me, despicable woman for having the ‘dream’ to kill others.

    Generally, it’s nice to have dreams but not when they are delusions (and sick ones count double). As with the allocation of firearms to the blind – it is not a matter of ignorant descrimination, but about limitations grounded in reality not someone’s sense of pride.

  9. Utterly SICKENING and totally unnecessary 😡
    Please do something more useful with your precious time .
    How very sad.
    Having an ambition to MURDER BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS .
    Totally REPUGNANT 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽😤😤

  10. Build, not destroy, and you would add meaning and purpose to your life. Killing living beings is not rising above your disabilities.

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