Arizona Professor: Forget Climate, Humans “Don’t Have 10 Years”

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Professor-emeritus Guy McPherson of University of Arizona, speaking in New Zealand, thinks we don’t have to worry about climate change, because the “6th mass extinction” will finish us all off in the next 10 years.

Humans ‘don’t have 10 years’ left thanks to climate change – scientist

There’s no point trying to fight climate change – we’ll all be dead in the next decade and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, a visiting scientist claims.

Guy McPherson, a biology professor at the University of Arizona, says the human destruction of our own habitat is leading towards the world’s sixth mass extinction.

Instead of fighting, he says we should just embrace it and live life while we can.

“It’s locked down, it’s been locked in for a long time – we’re in the midst of our sixth mass extinction,” he told Paul Henry on…

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6 thoughts on “Arizona Professor: Forget Climate, Humans “Don’t Have 10 Years”

  1. I wish this were true….it’s not true. Human beings are a plague on this planet (any planet in the universe where they ARE already planning to go to get rich). And human beings, for better or worse, will continue to breed more human beings regardless of the circumstances they live in or actually care about where/how their children will survive. To save Earth, to save other planets that can support human life, human beings must be gone. As a human, I wish to be disappeared to do no more harm.

  2. I agree that we are heading for mass extinction, in fact we are in the middle of a mass extinction. Unfortunately, that does not mean that humans will become extinct in the next ten years. Humans are the cause of the mass extinction and we will be around until we (those of us who are good at killing) have killed every animal and even each other for food. Of course not all of us will chose to stay that long, many will choose to die sooner rather later. I think we will see it play out in the same way it did before at Easter islands. By the time the Europeans found the last remaining indigenous people, they numbered around two hundred and they were all sickly mall nourished.

    • The problem now is that human-caused changes have ignited even more changes– negative feed back– than anyone can imagine. The role of methane has been downplayed or ignore–but it is much more volatile and dangerous than the terrible CO2 spewed into the atmosphere.

      In Northwest NM, a methane plume can now be seen from space, coming from oil/gas fields,– grazing (which no one wants to discuss). “…Livestock are responsible for 18 per cent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.”
      How this gas is interacting with others, how it affects the Jet Stream is finally being examined, but what will all this information yield and to what end? Humans “study” things after they ruin them, after things have been set in motion that we cannot comprehend. Humans cannot “undo” this, cannot “fix” this.

      • Yes, based evidence and past experience that could be true. All echo systems have a tipping point. We may have gone passed the threshold that will allow natural processes to reverse the effects of greenhouse effect.

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