Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Canned lion hunts an example of human cruelty

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“When I get over on the other side, I shall use my influence to have the human race drowned again, and this time drowned good, no omissions, no ark.” — Mark Twain, “On the Damned Human Race”

There will be no God’s mandate for an ark this time. Man is taking the rest of life out with him. Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are giving what Chris Hedges calls a “Christianized fascist” push to planetary extinction and climate chaos.

Man’s dominion turned domination of other animals is a Christian perversion. One can choose what one wants from the Bible. My hunter neighbor tells me, “There are animal sacrifices in the Bible — we are supposed to kill them.”

Most religions do make man the center of the universe.

Driving into Madison early on a Saturday morning, I listened to…

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7 thoughts on “Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Canned lion hunts an example of human cruelty

  1. First of all, I signed the petition to stop hunting of Alaskan wolves.

    As to our history on this planet–it is the stuff of nightmares. It is a history of savagery toward the rest of creation that reads like the rant of a psychotic. Unfortunately, it is the chronicle of our whole species. And it continues.

    Canned hunting is not just a manifestation of our cruelty. It is also an example of our arrogance, our cowardice, and our laziness. Yes, we can just pay sorry specimens of humanity to bring wild animals into this world so that self-centered hunters can escape the danger of meeting lions in their real environment and then kill them without undue exertion. I wonder when there will be drive-through killing so the good old boys don’t have to drag their worthless backsides out of their pickups.

    I admire Chris Hedges and have most of his books. When it comes to “Christianized fascism,” it’s hard to imagine how things for animals could get much worse, even under Bannon and Trump. What torture could they invent that hasn’t been done before, including in Christian countries with the blessing of the Church? And as for the fascist label, Isaac Bashevis Singer care up with a similar idea when he noted that when it comes to animals, all men are Nazis.

  2. You wonder how they justify such a lack of effort in their minds. I imagine someone will say to them, ‘yeah, but it was a canned hunt without fair chase. You’re not a big man but a lazy-ass, entitled POS.’ But the mistreatment of animals, those who cannot defend themselves or speak, is condoned by society. We can no longer do it to other humans. It disappoints me to no end to realize that neither Democrat nor Republican, Progressives or Regressives, gives a crap. It’s all about us, all the time. You’re right, it is hard to imagine how it could possibly get worse.

  3. And speaking of how could it get worse, it saddens me greatly to see people still desperately clinging to the false hopes and empty promises of Democrats. For the last eight years, not much was done for wildlife, only the ‘people’s right to use’ (and abuse) the public lands. The wildlife is just incidental to our primary needs (for everything). Democrats delisted wolves and brought back slaughter of them, and taking away judicial review. Two Democrats have again joined with Republicans in the Great Lakes/WY to delist and take away any judicial review. Stop clinging to the empty promises of this miserable party!

    • I agree. I suspect many of us supported the Democrats because they were less hopeless than the conservatives when it comes to animals and the environment. But for most, their liberal values stop at the species dividing line.

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