Teen arrested for killing a bald eagle

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS – A Harris County teenager was arrested Tuesday after allegedly killing a bald eagle in a north Harris County neighborhood.

Orlando David Delgado, 17, is charged with a hunting misdemeanor. Killing a bald eagle is normally a federal crime, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute Delgado because of his age.

Delgado bonded out of jail on Wednesday.

A resident called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office after finding the dead eagle behind his home, which runs along White Oak Bayou.

The man told deputies he had seen three males near the tree where the eagle nested and one of them had a rifle.

While waiting for deputies, the man said the three males came back, pulled a feather from the eagle’s body and drove away in a white pickup truck.

Thanks to a tip from a mail carrier, Deputy A. Ebrahim found the truck a block away in front of Delgado’s home.

Investigators say Delgado admitted he shot the eagle with a high-powered Gammo pellet rifle. The first shot did not kill the federally protected bird, so he shot it several more times.

Neighbors are upset and heartbroken after hearing the news.

“It really hurts my stomach, it’s like a family member,” said Monette Villegas.

Villegas and her family watched the bird for years, along with another eagle they believed was his mate.

The family named the birds, Steve and Mary.

One of them is now memorialized with a stuffed animal eagle the family brought to the tree on Wednesday.

“Steve I kind of made up out of nowhere,” said Albert Villegas. “Mary, my mom gave me the idea because of America.”
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6 thoughts on “Teen arrested for killing a bald eagle

  1. Yes, and Delgado may get community service or some other totally inadequate “punishment” for being an abuser of one species and an embarrassment to his own. His neighbors should make life miserable by shunning him and his family.

    • Neuroscientists tell us that the brain is not fully developed until around the age of 23. Some people are using that to excuse for bad teen behavior. If they really believe 17-year-old can’t make good decisions, they should not let them get driver’s licenses until their pathetic brains are developed (I suspect some never are!).

  2. “U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute Delgado because of his age.” They didn’t prosecute him because of his age?! He is old enough to kill but not old enough to receive the proper punishment for his killing! No wonder animals are in such dire situation!

  3. Someone should find this sadistic sack of shit and just kill him!!!! WTF is wrong with the authorities, are they f’ng blind to see the heinous crime this parasite committed?

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