Connecticut lawmakers considering bear hunting season

(Photo: Shutterstock)
(Photo: Shutterstock)

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — With bear sightings on the increase in Connecticut, lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow the animals to be hunted.

The General Assembly’s Environment Committee will hear testimony Monday on a bill requiring the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to come up with regulations and standards for black bear management, including hunting seasons and permit eligibility.

Days before the hearing, numerous opponents and proponents had already submitted written testimony on the bill, originally proposed by Litchfield Rep. Craig Miner, the committee’s Republican Senate chairman.

Opponents contend bears are a slow-to-reproduce species and would be susceptible to overhunting.

But proponents note how bears are moving into more urban areas and can be costly for the state to handle. They say a regulated hunting season would save the state money.


6 thoughts on “Connecticut lawmakers considering bear hunting season

  1. Even before the Trump presidency, it seems the hunters and fish and wildlife departments were on a real campaign for hunting sprees, from killing contests to see who could destroy the most lives to dubious (unethical) methods, such as killing cubs in their dens. Is this a backlash against the anti-hunting and animal rights groups who have been getting more attention, especially after the deaths (murders) of Cecil an Harambe? I think a lot of hunters and other speciesists were appalled at the reaction of the people in comments sections who condemned the killing of the lion and of the gorilla. Maybe this is, among other things, a hint to us that we won’t win.

  2. I think about this a lot. What is the alternative though? Are we to be cowed by them and shut up, and they’ll probably still go ahead with the killings anyway? History shows appeasement doesn’t work. I’d like to go to the mat, personally. I plan to keep condemning every chance I get. It’s the least I can do! 🙂

  3. What else is new! Connecticut is the most liberal state I ever lived in. But I guess with the masses of human population needing more room, even these kindly liberal states have no choice but to kill the animals to make room for huuuumans! Awe how nice of Connecticut to join the ranks of killers. This makes me sick with anger!

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