Chased by wolf pack while out on dogsled, Labrador man returns to hunt

From prey to predator, Guido Rich hunts down wolves that chased him

By Garrett Barry, CBC News <> Posted: Mar 03, 2017

Guido Rich was chased into town by a pack of wolves while he was out on dogsled this week. He returned with a gun to hunt the animals down. (Submitted by Sherri Wolfrey)

A Labrador man turned from prey to predator this week, when he tracked down and killed a group of wolves that chased him on his dogsled.

Guido Rich hunted the four animals — two on Wednesday night, and two more on Thursday morning — after they chased him back into Rigolet.

‘I don’t think my dogs would have had a chance against four or five wolves.’ – Guido Rich

Rich says he was about 10 kilometres away from town with his dogsled Wednesday night, when he realized what he originally thought was nearby snowmobiles was actually a pack of wolves — and they were headed in his direction.

“I was there bawling at my dogs and trying to get them running fast to get back to town,” he told CBC Radio’s Labrador Morning.

He outran the wolfpack into Rigolet, and went and picked up his friend and their gun. Rich and his friend returned to the trail, and found the pack close to the community.

Wolves hunted

The first two wolves were killed on Wednesday night, after Rich escaped from the pack. (Submitted by Sherri Wolfrey)

That’s when Rich started firing, killing two of the animals and pushing the others into the woods.

The next morning, Rich went out to the trail again to look for the surviving animals, who came too close to his home for comfort.

“I said it’s just as well try to get them instead of running into an encounter with them again,” he explained. “Either drive them away or get them, I figured.”

On Thursday morning, Rich found two more of the animals and killed them.

Lessons learned

The experience gave him a bit of a fright, Rich said. Being alone with his dog sled, and without a gun, he said he worried for what was going to happen to his dogs.

“I don’t think my dogs would have had a chance against four or five wolves,” he said. “I was more afraid for the dogs than myself.”

Rich said he never had a wolf encounter like this before, but now promises he won’t leave town without his gun again.

“I guess it was pretty close to fighting for my life,” he said. “I should have had my gun then, but I wasn’t thinking about wolves.”

With files from Labrador Morning


14 thoughts on “Chased by wolf pack while out on dogsled, Labrador man returns to hunt

  1. Stupid redneck guide, the wolves were chasing your dogs, not you, and probably out of curiosity. The chase response was likely evoked by running dogs. Wolves have also checked out motorcycles. Wolves did allegedly once kill a lone jogger in Alaska. Wolves chasing humans is so rare as to be nonexistent. Wolves are very shy of humans. They have allowed no threatening researchers to live close to them. This redneck’s story is another yarn in wolf redneck mythology.

  2. POS waste of space, what a shame that this parasite should be so proud of his killing. Why didn’t he just drop dead and rid the world of his useless existence? Because there is no God! Universe is a cold and frightening place and hell on earth is cold and frightening place and there is no god to give a sh*t about anything.

  3. I don’t know about this one – I thought there were no wolves left in Labrador? Unless the Elmer Fudd Border Patrol in Maine is out to make sure they don’t set one paw over the border. Sounds like a tall tale.

  4. I just don’t know about this one. Were the wolves hungry and after the dogs? Most wolves (wisely) don’t want anything to do with people. Maybe that will change if we keep encroaching into their territory to the point they can’t get away from us.

  5. Now look at this. These countries need a shoot-on-sight policy or armed aerial drones for this, otherwise these animals are gone. They are a danger to the park rangers too; the last thing I read was that park rangers were held up at gunpoint or knifepoint while poachers killed hand-raised rhinos for the park, others have been killed. This elephant was habituated to humans. They were caught; but not before they killed the animals. I don’t have high hopes for what’s left of these poor creatures, because human rights will always come before them, until they are gone. That’s our history with few exceptions. Here in this country it’s the same, any gains we have made are disappearing, as humans revert to type.

  6. Poachers are a danger to the rangers too:

    It’s disappointing that in this article, CBS news would applaud this man’s killing of wolves. You can see that the old idea of wolves being a threat to humans for just existing is still quite active in the 21st century if its in the mainstream news. Plus I’m tired of humans constantly singing praises of themselves and how great they are – big man eliminated threat to community. Are we still in the Middle Ages or what?

    I don’t believe the man’s story, the wolves did nothing, were just there. Humans are the only creature on the planet capable of carrying on deception and lying.

    • There is no justice for animals. People always come first, even if they start the problem. It’s is just a reflex action. You can tell there is no real thought behind it besides quoting The Bible or referring to human supremacism. Just witless.

  7. Oh sorry – I just realized it wasn’t CBS, but cbc. The story isn’t getting any ‘traction’ anywhere in the media, mainstream or otherwise. Lying sack.

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