Not just for humans

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2 thoughts on “Not just for humans

  1. While I fully support ( and practice a plant-based diet), this alone will not be enough, soon enough. In fact, if one looks at the latest data on Climate Change and the chance of an all-out Nuclear War, it is too late. The problem I have with this idea of “Veganism” as the panacea for the ills of this planet, it is another form of Humanism, which features Homo sapiens. We, in fact, are a very inferior, selfish, destructive species, which Veganism will not heal.I personally know of too many Vegans who just never think about the wildlife, period. And, unfortunately, many Vegans are also having kids–and boast of how they are being raised as Vegan–so what, if the world they have selfishly been brought into is dying? The Nuclear Code is now in the hands of Maniacs, and the CO 2 levels have risen much higher and quicker than imagined.

    Whether Vegan or not, just do NOT BREED, and please practice Voluntary Human Extinction.

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