China Mega National Park For Siberian Tigers To Dwarf US’ Yellowstone National Park

14 March 2017, 1:00 pm EDT By Kalyan Kumar Tech Times
China is setting up a mega national park of international standards to house endangered species including Siberian tigers and Amur leopards. According to reports, it will be 60 percent bigger than the Yellowstone National Park in the United States.   ( Wikipedia )

China is setting up a mega national park that will rival the Yellowstone National Park of the United States with an area more than 60 percent of the latter. The vast national park will serve as a sanctuary to protect two endangered species — the Siberian tiger and Amur leopard.

The national park, modeled on the lines of national parks in the United States, will be located on the border of Russia and North Korea at northeast China’s Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces.

The park will cover an area of 14,600 square kilometers (5,600 square miles) and will be 60 percent bigger than Yellowstone in the United States, which is close to 4,000 square miles in terms of area.

Chinese media reported that the plan for the national park has been approved by the central authorities and the “comprehensive plan and pilot for the national park is expected to be carried out before 2020.”

Threat To Siberian Tigers

Notwithstanding the conservation efforts, the number of wild Siberian tigers just increased from 9 in 1998, to 27 in 2015, indicating that the numbers were not encouraging to make the species thrive.

To tighten conservation, China has clamped a ban on logging with curbs on gun licenses. Compared with China’s concerns on falling numbers of Siberian tigers, some 400 of them are living in Russia.

Amur leopards are another endangered species whose numbers plunged below 30 in 2007 because of hunting and human activities.

According to latest data, in 2015, their numbers showed some increase and conservation groups like the World Wildlife Fund can take credit for that.

In an update, the WWF said the Amur leopard population had a jump since 2008.

China’s Ecological Initiatives

China decided to start national parks in 2013 after seeing that many endangered species including the Siberian tiger, Amur leopard, giant panda, Tibetan antelope, and Asian elephant required safer habitats.

The Chinese government wanted to develop a national park system of international standards and it roped in Paulson Institute, a Chicago-based research center in 2015.

The government also announced a three-year period to start a series of pilot national park projects in nine provinces. The goal was to address the governance and policy shortfalls in environmental protection while extending conservation efforts to other habitats and ecosystems.

President Xi Jinping has committed a series of environmental reforms to usher in an “ecological civilization,” which clubs economic progress with the sustainability of the environment.

Green Activists Hail National Park

Meanwhile, environmentalists like Dale Miquelle of the Wildlife Conservation Society has welcomed the move. He said the sanctuary will be one of the largest tiger reserves in the world.

“China’s commitment represents an extremely important step in recovering both subspecies in northeast Asia,” Miquelle said.

However, the park is also raising concerns of many urban colonies at Hunchun city in the Jilin province, which is very close to the animals’s range.

Hunchun is a key corridor linking tiger habitats of Russia and China. There the residents are uneasy about the animals getting too close.

In 2016, a Forestry Department spokesman mentioned about a plan to relocate some communities and factories from the national park area to avoid conflict between wildlife and human activities.

According to Fan Zhiyong, WWF’s species program director in Beijing, the park will be a boon to the endangered cats and also protect the unique biodiversity of the northern temperate zone.

Attractions Of Yellowstone Park

In the United States, the Yellowstone National Park is spread across the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

It covers an area of 3,468.4 square miles (8,983 km2) and comprises lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges. The Yellowstone Lake is a high-elevation lake centered around the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano in North America.

The National Park is home to thousands of species including mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles, many of which are endangered. The vast forests also house many unique species of plants.

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15 thoughts on “China Mega National Park For Siberian Tigers To Dwarf US’ Yellowstone National Park

  1. Nice, but I don’t believe anything regarding animal welfare that comes out of Chinese government. They are probably using a national park as a pretense to be left alone to do what they want with tigers. This is probably a scheme they came up with to get the world off their back, to harness some good will while doing their atrocities.
    China currently has tiger farms. They have been breeding Asian tigers in those farms for their dreaded Chinese medicine and for the animals’ skin. They starve them so their skin becomes loose before they kill the animals. They are despicable demented sub-humans who care nothing for the suffering of animals. All of a sudden China declares all these national parks! They also bought a lot of baby elephants lately, very likely for the same purpose. They have perfected the art of exploitation, and torture.
    Nothing that comes out of the Chinese government regarding welfare of animals can be trusted.

    • Only time will tell, many of us may not be around when the tiger population reaches a point that China can secretly ‘harvest’ them. May be they are following a new model for both conservation and farming of exotic animals without getting so much bad publicity. I know they have tiger farms there. I have seen photos of how those poor animals are treated. I do not trust that government.

  2. This may be hopeful, at least for now, but at least the Chinese are trying.

    At this point, I do not trust anything that THIS government (U.S.) does or says: Not with the Trump Regime in power, which is going all out to destroy ANY animal, environmental protections, not to mention its White Supremacist. Racist world agenda.

  3. Me neither. I don’t trust anything any government has to say. Although the connectivity with Russia makes me hopeful. I’m glad that Siberian tiger protection in Russia is going on and thankful to Vladimir Putin for that. I have read articles about Russian-introduced tigers killing livestock in China and putting the livestock producers ‘on edge’, but it came from a Western news source, (with the usual, eyerolling sensationalism), so who knows. Your eyes will just about roll out of your head with all the sensationalism:

      • I think you and I have very similar way of thinking. Too bad there are so very few of us. If our numbers were greater we could have made a difference for the better.

    • I have seen short videos of things Chinese farmers do that makes me wish we could replace them with the animals they torture to death. The point is that it does not matter if Chinese farmers have a reason or not, they are just despicable cruel killers. I just feel sorry for the compassionate Chinese citizens who witness these horrible things every day.

  4. I agree with the above comments. No animal is safe in China. In addition, a documentary provided by Al Gore’s former tv channel a few years ago showed how a park is maintained by the Chinese govt., that houses 5,000 tigers. People can see them from a safe distance and tease them with live or dead chickens to see how high tigers can jump. But before this, the audience is entertained by a small horse that tolerates a tiger on his back. I’ve seen such pictures, but the documentary showed the video of a frightened horse crossing the stage supporting a tiger. In addition, people can get tiger meat and skins for U.S. dollars in the back rooms if they want. Outwardly, there is a law prohibiting such activity but it’s ignored for money.

  5. Now look at this. I understand if the previous article I posted might be a little tongue-in-cheek – but this is just plain old irresponsible journalism and propaganda. Killing Sprees? Cross-Border raids? The headline didn’t specify who was killed.

    Agriculture really is king in the West. Wildlife restoration should be a non-political, non-partisan endeavor, and should be commended wherever it is done. Propaganda should be limited to our own human activities and failings. In Japan, until after WWII, the wolf was revered – but after Western influence and treating them as vermin and a threat to agriculture, they are now extinct. I am utterly disgusted.

    • Sorry, correction: wolves were extinct from Japan by 1905, but still as a result of modernization and Westernization. But just read the synopsis of this book, sad that some people still look for them. The world’s unique views and cultures I hope will not continue to be swept up by the Western juggernaut:

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