“Kedi”: A Beautiful Vision of Our Sacred Relationship with Cats.


By Tom Demerly for tomdemerly.com

You won’t find a bad review about the beautiful film-meditation “Kedi” and rightfully so. Director Ceyda Torun built a dream-like soft documentary stitched together from several storylines, and it fits and flows with elegance and mirth.

This is a kind, gentle and soothing meditation about our relationship with cats and, by proxy, with each other as humans. It identifies something good and meaningful in every person, and every animal, and celebrates it through the reverent monologues of the human supporting cast of the film as they pay homage to the roaming cat population of Istanbul, Turkey.

Kedi is a long time coming, a movie that will likely enjoy decent commercial success with the rise of cat prominence via social media. In an era of increasing social divisiveness posting a photo of a cat to your social media is the modern equivalent of talking about the…

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2 thoughts on ““Kedi”: A Beautiful Vision of Our Sacred Relationship with Cats.

  1. Went to the movie’s website..
    watched the trailer..
    although a “dog person,” I love cats..
    and am aware of them being so loved by many..
    yet so mistreated, ignored, hated and murdered by too many others..

    This film/documentary appears to be *magical*..

    “It is said that cats are aware of God’s existence.
    While dogs think people are God..
    cat’s don’t.” ..

    I believe that.

    And if I watch this lovely journey..
    I’ll need tissues. ♥♥

  2. This looks wondrful. It’s nice to see cats getting some good attention. They’ve been the Rodney Dangerfields compared to dogs.

    There is another great cat story from Istanbul. It involves Imam Mustafa Efe who has opened his mosque to the stray/street cats of the city. Cats are shown snoozing in the mosque among the worshippers.

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