Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: The fatal ‘con’ in conservation

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


Chris Pousser,

“(T)he wild creatures inhabiting our world are every bit as much the sentient beings we humans are.” ~ Richard Thiel, retired DNR wolf biologist, forward to “Wild Wolves We Have Known”.

Cathy Stepp, DNR secretary, who campaigned for Donald Trump, leads the DNR in an anti-science crusade, dumping science, along with life on earth, into the trash bin. In a January interview with the Wisconsin State Journal, she said she would be glad if the Trump administration “dials down ‘strangling’ federal requirements that have been imposed on the DNR.”

She has presided over scrubbing the DNR website of climate change science and has weakened regulations of concentrated animal farms polluting Wisconsin waters, hunting and trapping, and established a free-for-all for running packs of dogs on our wildlife.

The federal government is purging its website as well. A Humane Society Legislative Fund petition, “I Will Stand and…

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