The Real Donald Trump Jr.


5 thoughts on “The Real Donald Trump Jr.


    Donald Trump Jr., animal murderer, picked out Zinke who is now head of Interior Dept., & he just told his “daddy” he had a great liason for Interior as well–just to keep the hunting lobby even more highly stacked up in Interior.

    “On March 2, his first day in office, Zinke signed two secretarial orders that swiftly reaffirmed his allegiance to the sportsmen community. One order aims to create more access to public lands for hunters and anglers. Sportsmen’s groups like the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership have lauded the gesture at a time when an increasing amount of public land blocked off by private landowners who control access points. “Sportsmen access is a huge issue,” says TRCP President Whit Fosburgh, who adds that one of the biggest reasons hunters quit the activity is loss of access.”

    The War on Wildlife was bad enough before, but get ready for the very worst yet to come. Less wildlife protections or regulations, no ESA, and forget any “re-introductions” such as the Mexican Wolf Program: but there will be plenty of hunting, trapping opportunities abounding!

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