Frailest-Ever Winter Sea Ice Facing a Cruel, Cruel Summer


This past weekend, it rained over the ice of the late winter Kara Sea. Falling liquid drops that whispered of the far-reaching and fundamental changes now occurring at the roof of our world.


For an Arctic suffering the slings and arrows of human-forced global warming, the winter ended just as it had begun — with an ice-crushing delivery of warm air from the south.

A burly high pressure system over Russia locked in an atmospheric embrace with a series of low pressure systems stretching from the Barents Sea down into Europe. Winds, originating from the Mediterranean rushed northward between these two opposing weather systems — crossing the Black Sea, the Ukraine, and swirling up over Eastern Europe. The winds wafted warm, above-freezing air over the thawing permafrost of the Yamal Peninsula. And the frontal system they shoved over the melting Arctic sea ice disgorged a volley of anomalous…

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One thought on “Frailest-Ever Winter Sea Ice Facing a Cruel, Cruel Summer

  1. The horrendous changes to this planet are now upon us, and more swiftly than ever. Yet, the Trump Regime ignores this crisis, labeling it a “hoax.” Millions of other species will disappear as the oceans die, and droughts increase. Here, at 7,000 ft. altitude, we are in the mid to high 70’s dry as a bone.

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