More than 1,200 Yellowstone bison killed this winter

FILE (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)


BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — Operations to kill bison in Yellowstone National Park for slaughter have come to an end, with more than 1,200 bison culled this winter.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports the park released figures Wednesday showing 748 bison were consigned to slaughter this year. Another 453 were killed by hunters from Native American tribes and the state of Montana.

The total winter death toll marks the highest number of bison killed in the Yellowstone area since 2008. It also falls just short of the removal goal bison managers set in the fall.

Bison are taken from the area each year because of a management plan established in 2000 that calls for a population of 3,000 bison in the region. Park biologists estimate there are 5,500 bison there now.


4 thoughts on “More than 1,200 Yellowstone bison killed this winter

    • Just like with wolves, (mal)lingering beliefs are passed down through the generations of ranchers and farmers. Ordinary people may not want these animals harmed, but ordinary people have no power or influence. Most don’t even know the activities of wildlife services, and those M-44s I doubt many have ever heard of.

      • Most people don’t know or don’t care. Those of us who do aren’t listened to. Trump turned out to be the revenge of the failing middle class and displaced workers who were ignored. I wish there enough of us to get an anti-Trump, anti-Salazar, and anti-Watts.

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