French parliament votes to install cameras in slaughterhouses

January 18, 2017

Amid rising reports of animal abuses at meat processing facilities, France’s parliament has voted that slaughterhouses be required to install surveillance cameras to monitor workers’ interactions with live animals.

The proposed legislation, which was approved by 28 members on Jan. 12, would give the country’s nearly 1,000 slaughterhouses until Jan. 1, 2018 to install CCTV cameras everywhere live animals are handled, including monitoring the transport process and while they’re being held in stables, reports Politico.


According to the bill, the footage from each slaughterhouse would only be viewable to veterinarians, approved government officials or animal-welfare inspectors and would be kept on government file for a month. The bill also proposes the creations of a national Committee on the Ethics of Slaughterhouses, which would oversee and mete out harsher penalties to facilities caught violating the law.

The move comes amid heightened scrutiny of the country’s meat industry. In 2016, animal rights activist group L214 released troubling footage showing numerous animal abuses at several French meat-processing facilities inclduing workers killing animals without stunning them first, throwing lambs into walls, and hitting live animals.

Though the bill passed in parliament—where just four MPs opposed the legislation—it must still be approved by France’s senate. According to Reuters, the vote could happen as early as February.

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2 thoughts on “French parliament votes to install cameras in slaughterhouses

  1. There should be video cameras in every animal facility since many people cannot be trusted to be humane. I hope the law passes in France and will be required immeduately, not 10 years in the future.

    I suspect the slaughterhouses and factory farms here are gearing up to fight any possibility of similar laws here. Time for our activists to get busy.

  2. It seems while some European governments are evolving more, the US Republicans are becoming less human. Watching the congress behave is like watching some alien creatures with sadistic tendencies operate! They are methodically and systematically removing any measure of protection from animals as if they are suffering from withdrawal symptoms after a long time not being able to fulfill their sadistic impulses.

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