Petition: Setting A Bear Trap

MAR 27, 2017 — Watch as we set off a large bear trap and show just how barbaric these devices truly are .

Please keep sharing our petition and make your voice heard.

7 thoughts on “Petition: Setting A Bear Trap

  1. These devices are barbaric, and that is an understatement. Too bad there isn’t a prenatal genetic test that could determine which fetuses would be capable of such behavior. Then they could be aborted and make this earth a better place.

  2. We tried to get bear trapping stopped in Maine. They are still used. One only hopes that some human out there will step in one. Perhaps then, it will be banned.

    Found a coyote in a trap a few years ago, in NM, along the freeway. It was trying to saw off its foot on the barbed wire fence. It took two of us to finally free this poor animal, but he did not seem too badly injured. It seemed like an eternity getting that damned device off him, but he finally was free. As he realized he was free, he relaxed, looked into my eyes–we were frozen in time–and I gently nudged him, and said,”go now, you’re free.”

    And I knew he understood. We had communicated. He limped off, about 100 yards toward the Rio Grande, stopped and turned toward us. He knew we had helped him, I really believe that. He looked at us as if to say, “thank you.” Then he continued his journey.

    This happening with that coyote changed my life. I have to say, that if that trapper/rancher had come looking for his trap, I cannot say how I would have reacted. I still had that bloody trap in my hand, and I was enraged at that moment as to how anyone could cause such suffering to an innocent being. I still have the dream that I would have slung that trap in that human’s face. I still keep that trap in the garage as a reminder of what is going on out there every single day.

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